SB-L320 Battery For Samsung VP-L600 / VP-L500 / SC-L960 / SC-L770 Camcorders
Brand New compatible SB-L320 battery for Samsung VP-L600 / VP-L500 / SC-L960 / SC-L770 Camcorders - Ultra high capacity 4200mAh - Worldwide Express Shipping
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Replacement SB-L320 Battery For SAMSUNG VP-L600 / VP-L500 / SC-L960 / SC-L770 Camcorders.

Brand new replacement SB-L320 battery for Samsung VP-L600 / VP-L500 / SC-L960 / SC-L770 camcorders, high quality Hybrid Lithium-ion cells with no ‘Memory Effect’ battery fit Samsung VP-L600, VP-L500, SC-L960, SC-L770 and wide range of other SAMSUNG video camcorder's, with this ultra long life 4200mAh battery, low battery warning never frustrate or trouble you again.



  • Model: Replace Samsung SB-L320 / SB-L160 / SB-L110A / SB-L480
  • Capacity: 4200mAh
  • Voltage: 7.2V / 7.4V
  • Chemistry: Hybrid Lithium-ion cells with no ‘Memory Effect’
  • Condition: Brand new
  • Packing: Paper box 


  • 30 days Money Back Guarantee
  • 12 months Warranty


Fit All Following SAMSUNG Camcorders

Samsung SC-L520
Samsung SC-L530
Samsung SC-L550
Samsung SC-L600
Samsung SC-L610
Samsung SC-L630
Samsung SC-L650
Samsung SC-L700
Samsung SC-L710
Samsung SC-L750
Samsung SC-L770

Samsung SC-L810
Samsung SC-L860
Samsung SC-L870

Samsung SC-L901
Samsung SC-L903
Samsung SC-L906
Samsung SC-L907

Samsung SC-W61
Samsung SC-W62
Samsung SC-W71
Samsung SC-W73

Samsung SC-W80
Samsung SC-W87
Samsung SC-W97

Samsung VM-A110
Samsung VM-A2300
Samsung VM-A300
Samsung VM-A320
Samsung VM-A3400T
Samsung VM-A350
Samsung VM-A400
Samsung VM-A5500

Samsung VM-B110
Samsung VM-B300
Samsung VM-B310
Samsung VM-B350
Samsung VM-B360
Samsung VM-B5700

Samsung VM-C170
Samsung VM-C300
Samsung VM-C3700

Samsung VP-L2000
Samsung VP-L3000
Samsung VP-L4000
Samsung VP-L500
Samsung VP-L520
Samsung VP-L530
Samsung VP-L550

Samsung VP-L600
Samsung VP-L600B
Samsung VP-L610
Samsung VP-L610B
Samsung VP-L610D
Samsung VP-L630
Samsung VP-L650
Samsung VP-L700
Samsung VP-L710
Samsung VP-L750
Samsung VP-L750D
Samsung VP-L770
Samsung VP-L800
Samsung VP-L800U
Samsung VP-L850
Samsung VP-L850D
Samsung VP-L870
Samsung VP-L900
Samsung VP-L906
Samsung VP-L907

Samsung VP-L907i


Samsung VP-M50
Samsung VP-M51
Samsung VP-M52
Samsung VP-M53
Samsung VP-M54

Samsung VP-SCD55

Samsung VP-W60
Samsung VP-W60B
Samsung VP-W61
Samsung VP-W61D
Samsung VP-W63
Samsung VP-W70
Samsung VP-W70U
Samsung VP-W71
Samsung VP-W75
Samsung VP-W75D
Samsung VP-W80
Samsung VP-W80U
Samsung VP-W87
Samsung VP-W87D
Samsung VP-W90
Samsung VP-W97

Replace following Genuine SAMSUNG and 3rd party Battery models: 

Samsung SB-L320
Samsung SB-L480
Samsung SB-L160/XXA
Samsung SB-L160
Samsung SB-L110A,
Samsung VSM003S,
Samsung AD43-00065A

And aslo replace
Varta V291,
Vidpro ACD671,
Again and Again CL-160,
DTI Electronics DTL-160SA,
Duracell DRSG160,
Empire BLI-195,
GP VGL001,
Hahnel HL-160,
Hama 46848,
Hama CP-848,
Maxell M7260,
Polaroid PR-/320L,
Rayovac RV4500,
Rayovac RV5600,
Sakar BP-160CL,


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