Shopper FAQs

Who do I pay?
You pay the seller directly. Ashop does not handle payments between shoppers and sellers.
Who ships my order?
The seller is responsible for shipping and fulfilment. If you have any issues, please contact the seller directly to resolve them. If the seller is unresponsive, you may report that seller and Ashop will investigate.
How do reviews work?
You will be sent an email several days after your order is shipped inviting you to leave a Seller Review by clicking the link in the email. Later, you will also be invited to leave a Product Review. You may only review products you have purchased, and sellers from whom you have made a purchase.
What is a verified merchant?
Ashop requires all new merchants to undergo a verification process. This deters fraud and protects shoppers from unscrupulous sellers, allowing you to buy with confidence on Ashop.me.
Seller FAQs

When do I get billed?
You get billed monthly on the same date you opened your account. If you signed up on the 8th of January, your card is charged on the 8th of each month. Because some months are shorter than others (February) if you signed up on the 29th-31st then your billing date is moved to the 1st of the following month.
How do you calculate the commissions?
Ashop takes a 9.9% commission on all marketplace sales. Ashop’s commissions are calculated and charged monthly. This is beneficial for seller’s cashflow – you receive the revenue from sales immediately, but don’t have to pay Ashop’s commission until the next monthly billing date.
Who charges the shopper?
The seller does. The seller has control over which payment methods they choose to accept. Ashop does not receive or hold payment from shoppers.
What is verification and how do I get verified?
To protect shoppers and the integrity of the Ashop.me marketplace, we require all new merchants to complete a credit card verification process. Verification only takes a few minutes. To begin verification, go to your admin dashboard and click “Test your payment method.”
Which payment methods can I use?
Free marketplace-only stores must use PayPal to receive payment. If you upgrade to a paid plan, you will be able to choose from 80+ popular integrated payment gateways.
Can I use my own shipping methods?
Yes you can. As a seller, you can use Real-Time Shipping and/or create as many custom shipping options as you like.

Which shipping methods can I use?
You can use Real-Time Shipping for Fedex, UPS and USPS/AusPost/RoyalMail. You can also create as many custom shipping options as you like.
What currency am I charged in?
$USD. If you sell in a different currency – say $AUD or £GBP – then marketplace commissions are calculated as 9.9% of your local currency, converted into $USD at the exchange rate at the time of sale. This means that if you sell in a currency other than $USD, it is possible for  the commission amount to be slightly different for the same item, depending on what the exchange rate is at the time that item is sold.
How does the Seller Review system work?
Ashop uses a Seller Review system to maintain a high standard of sellers in the marketplace. Several days after each order is shipped, shoppers are asked to leave a review of the seller – both a quick “star rating” and optionally a more detailed written review. Please note that transparency is important and seller reviews are always publicly visible. This way, sellers who maintain a high standard of customer service will be rewarded.
How does the Product Review system work?
In addition to Seller Reviews, shoppers are also asked to leave a product review after making a purchase. Product reviews are publicly visible and serve to help shoppers make informed purchasing decisions.
I received a chargeback. What happens?
Dealing with chargebacks is the responsibility of the seller.
Do I have to pay commissions if I upgrade to a paid plan with my own domain name?
Yes – but only on sales made via the Ashop.me marketplace. You do not have to pay commissions on sales made through your own store on your own domain. 
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