6121705 10ML SUPER SUPA BOND RAPID FIX RAPIDFIX DUAL ADHESIVE SYSTEM 18817000124 High strength adhesive bonds in seconds – no clamping required One drop goes a long way – creates ultra-stong Part 20201 Net Adhesive Supafuse
Dual Adhesive System with reinforcing and gap-filling capabilities, comprising an all-purpose formula that quickly and easily bonds metals, timber, ceramics, plastics, glass, rubber and much more. RapidFix Professional Adhesive can be applied alone, or used in conjunction with the Welding Powder as a versatile filler. RapidFix Professional Adhesive is a newly-refined super glue – a polymer (cyanoacrylate) – it is a non-toxic, colourless, extremely fast-acting, super-strong formula.
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The RapidFix Dual Adhesive System combines an Instant Adhesive with a Welding Powder and together they repair almost anything.
The RapidFix Professional Adhesive bonds most materials instantly. These materials include rubber, glass, copper, aluminum, steel and most plastics. It even bonds unlike materials to one another such as glass to aluminum or rubber to metal.
The RapidFix Welding Powder is used to repair all types of holes,cracks, gaps and can produce a strong weld seam to support the repair, just like solder or welded joints.
RapidFix Dual Adhesive System is available in a 10 ml pack designed specifically for the home and workshop hardware market.
The pack contains:
  • One 10 ml instant adhesive bottle
  • One 10 ml welding powder bottle
  • Bilingual packaging (English-Spanish or English-French)
  • Bilingual instructions on the inside of the packaging
  • Convenient QR Codes for a demo video and website access
  • Bright and colorful packaging designed to attract consumer attention

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Name : Barry Reagan
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Review : This stuff is magic, sooo good

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