NAP Thunderhead broadheads 5pkt
Thunderhead broadheads are regarded as one of the best broadheads on the market.

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Thunderhead is the world's number 1 selling broadhead. 

Archery Supplies is the Australian distributor for NAP and Thunderhead.   

  85 Grains, 3 Blades -.027" Thick, 1 1/8" Cutting Diameter

100 Grains, 3 Blades - .027" Thick, 1 3/16" Cutting Diameter

125 Grains, 3 Blades -.027" Thick, 1 3/16" Cutting Diameter

High Carbon Steel Trophy Tip ® is HARDENED for the most devastating durability available on the market

  • Stainless Steel Blades have the exclusive Diamize® Edge for a visible super-sharpness you can see
  • The patented scooped out Slimline® ferrule improves flight and penetration
  • The original lock ring, o-ring blade retention system we invented - proven a million times over!
  • All Thunderheads come packaged with 5 UBARs for use with your favorite carbon arrows

Archery Supplies is the Australian distributor for NAP Thunderhead broadheads.  Thunderhead Broadheads have been made by New Archery Products unchanged for over twenty years.
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Review : Been using the Thunderheads for 20 years. They are super strong, fly great. Great head

Name : Anonymous
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Title : excellent cutting and flight
Review : excellent cutting and flight pricey NAP THUNDERHEADS 125gn Online Shopper

Name : Anonymous
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Review : Online Shopper

Questions (3)
Hi, Can you still get the "Thunderhead Razors"? Is the 5 pack still $60? Is there a wait time or do you have these in stock? Thanks

Yes still made They are the same price. NAP is easy to get in if you want them maybe 9 days to get in.

Steven I brought these NAP thunder heads a couple moths ago from you when I brought my bow, I have since brought some new arrows and they have CB inserts the Thunder heads won't screw in but the did screw in to the arrows (Carbon force) I got when I brought my bow, does this mean the thread is now different?

Thread is the same on all inserts. When you glue the inserts into the shafts you need to have a point in the insert otherwise glue gets in the thread and you can't screw them in. You will need to heat up the insert to get them out or tap the insert to remove the glue

Do you stock the NAP Thunderhead Razors? What is the difference between the ones you sell and the razors? Could you get me some and how much would you charge? Also,check out VPA Terminators,are you planning on stocking them? I dont think they are sold in Aus,1 place in NZ and the rest only in USA. They appear to be as good as it gets,together with the Razors fron NAP. Please let me know. Charlie(PSE Drive LT)

I honestly can't tell the difference in a Razor to thunderhead. NAP is a great company so if you want Razors they are the same price as thunderheads - should take 2 weeks to come in. VPA - I honestly had not heard of them, there appears to be 3 dealers in Australia for them. We sell Thunder Valley which appear to be similar.

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