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Build word skills, spelling skills, grammar & punctuation skills with this new computer board game for ages 4 to 15+

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Words Rock!

Download size: 300MB

Growing Word-Smart Kids

Build word power, spelling skills, grammar and punctuation know-how with Words Rock! Literacy comes alive in this new compelling computer board game. Words Rock! covers ages 4-15 and beyond and can be used by up to 4 people of any age and stage at any one time.

Each player is one of a bunch of street-smart Freak Seekers on the trail of the devious, invisible, slippery Super Slugs in this bounty-hunting free-for-all. Players use Slug-finding tricks and cool gadgets to outsmart the other Seekers.

Words Rock features:

  • Builds word power, spelling skills, grammar & punctuation know-how
  • Quirky, fun characters and board game bring literacy to life
  • Caters for a huge range of ages and stages (4-15+ K-10 and up)
  • Designed for a wide variety of learning styles
  • Pre-Literacy Activities for young learners included
  • Correlated with State curriculums – packed with a huge variety of multi-level, teacher-developed, curriculum-focused literacy-building activities.
  • Each member of the family competes at the same time at their own level and each has a real chance of winning. Test Grandma’s grammar against 6 year-old Vanessa’s vocab and 15 year-old Sam’s spelling!
  • Smart Record-Keeping tracks each player’s progress through the literacy activities showing points of strengths as well as areas that need attention.
  • Great Value! A single purchase is a great practical investment for the whole family for a whole school lifetime.

Words Rock Educational content:

Words Rock! uses teacher-developed, curriculum-rich literacy-building activities to grow word-smart kids.

Essential topics (fun learning)

  • Growing Spelling Skills 
    Code making and breaking Spelling becomes an exciting code-breaking challenge to give kids vital strategies so they can deal confidently with the various building blocks of words. Words Rock! stimulates them to understand and remember how word parts fit together. Kids are then empowered to make educated predictions about which blocks might fit where in different word contexts.
  • Growing Word Power - Vocabulary building and extension
    Words Rock! soaks kids in language - enriching their knowledge and providing a broad word base to build on, including idioms, clichés, word roots, borrowings from other languages, archaic expressions, alliteration, connectives, synonyms, antonyms, homophones, onomatopoeia, collective nouns, metaphors, similes, puns, tautology, irony and hyperbole.
  • Growing Grammar & Punctuation Know-how
    Grammar and punctuation skills are the essential frameworks of all written English. Words Rock! gives children the grounding and understanding they need to produce their own clear, concise, correct and meaningful texts.
  • Positive Pre-Literacy Activities for Young Learners
    The preparatory activities in Word Rock! draw young children into using words in meaningful ways through play long before they master more complex skills such as using grammar and punctuation or handling pencil and paper.

Curriculum references & National benchmarks

The content in Words Rock! is developed from outcomes specified in State language curriculum documents. Email us for the Australian/New Zealand curriculum guide and also for the Scope and Sequence guide.

What’s new in Words Rock V2?

New look and feel makes Words Rock V2 even more compelling!

  • Great new feel with the animated interface.
  • Kids can customise Words Rock V2 using the library of cool player icons!
  • New kid-friendly mode enhances self-directed learning and reduces administrative load on teachers.
  • Get started straight out of the box or use the advanced selection options to tailor Words Rock V2 to your children's needs.
  • New snap-to functionality allows younger children to interact more confidently with drag-and-drop questions, whilst older children can complete them more quickly.
  • Motivates kids with the new progress bar by giving a visual snapshot of their achievements, and letting them know when it's time to try more difficult content.
  • Automatic connectivity with the EdAlive Server.

New features in Words Rock V2:

Great New Features for Parents, Teachers and Network Administrators

  • Enhanced navigation and easier access to user options
  • Cut down on lesson preparation by saving and reusing your custom content selections.
  • Locate questions easily by using the new Find Mode.
  • Easily assess and compare performance for individual users and entire classes using the enhanced reporting features.
  • Save time by automatically generating and printing individual user and class progress PDFs*, or export user statistics to programs like Excel to generate your own reports.
  • Enhanced, fine-tuned educational content.
  • Installation on standalone computers is now simpler than ever!
  • Save time by simultaneously installing or upgrading Words Rock V2 on multiple networked computers**. Use the MSI installers with Group Policy for Windows, or the Package installers with Apple Remote Desktop for Macintosh.

* Class statistics are only available in the School Standalone and Network versions.

** Several EdAlive products use IULs or Integrated User Lists. IULs are lists of users and classes that are shared across several Version 2 EdAlive products, including BRAINtastic! V2, Words Rock V2, Words Rock V2 and the upcoming Volcanic Panic V2*.

Kids and classes** created in any one of the above titles will automatically be available in all the others. This streamlined data integration drastically reduces administration time!

* Ultimate Maths Invaders V2, Spelling Force V2 and Typing Tournament V2 once released, will still require their own individual students lists.

** Classes are only available in the School Standalone and Network versions of Words Rock V2.

Words Rock System Requirements


Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7, 8,10, 233MHz Processor or faster, 800x600 capable screen
Works on Windows Server 2003, 2008 & 2012


OS X (PowerPC or Intel Mac) 10.3 to 10.11, 300MHz Processor or faster, 800x600 capable screen


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