Ai2 Robot Kit Pack 6 - Motor Module
Ai2 robot right side motor module - Pack 6 - Suits the Ai2 robot kit and is also compatible with other Microbric robots
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The Ai2 robot right motor module is pack number 6 of 21 packs that build the Ai2 robot kit. The motor module connects the Ai2 robot's motherboard with the motor and gearbox. 

About the Ai2 Robot Kit

The Ai2 robot kit was release in 2006 as a promotional collectable robot kit through ‘The Adelaide Advertiser’ newspaper. The Ai2 robot followed the very popular I-BOT robot kit that was also released through The Advertiser newspaper. Both robot kits were collected from newsagents using tokens printed in the newspaper each day of the promotion. The promotion ran over three weeks with 21 different day packs to collect.
Ai2 programmable robot kit
Once constructed the Ai2 robot has a host of pre-programmed functions that can be controlled with the use of the keypad or a TV/DVD remote control. The pre-programmed functions are:
  • Driving Functions - Drive Forward, Drive Backward, Spin Left, Spin Right, Turn Left, Turn Right
  • Line Following Robot - The Ai2 robot can follow a black line on a white surface
  • Drive In Line Robot - The Ai2 robot uses the line tracker to drive within black borders on a white surface
  • Remote control Robot – Command the Ai2 robot using a standard TV/DVD remote control
  • Bump Robot - Using the bump sensors, the Ai2 robot can detect & move around obstacles in its path
  • Sumo Robot – Battle other Ai2 robots sumo style
  • Play Music – sample tunes including Yankee Doodle
  • Plus much more…The Ai2 robot is also programmable!
In addition to the pre-programmed functions, the Ai2 robot has the ability to be completely custom controlled and programmed using Microbric’s BricWorks software. This powerful and easy to use software enables the user to create simple programs within minutes.

Programming the Ai2 robot kit using BricWorks

The BricWorks programming software is provided FREE and is available for download from the Ai2 robot kit downloads page.

The BricWorks software operates in two modes, Basic & Advanced.

In Basic mode, the user is limited to the original configuration of the Ai2 robot, and some of the programming options are disabled. Custom written programs are downloaded to the Ai2 robot by flashing out through the computer’s monitor and into the line follower module of the Ai2 robot. Using the data cable makes the downloading process several times faster.

See the Basic mode screen capture below.

Configuring the Ai2 robot kit in basic mode from within BricWorks

In Advanced mode the user is able to place modules in any position on the Ai2 robot’s motherboard with the exception of the line follower module that can only be used at the front centre position. The data cable is required to use the "Advanced" mode in addition to a firmware upgrade, which can also be done using the data cable. See the Advance mode screen capture below. As you can see the modules have been relocated.

Configuring the Ai2 robot kit in advanced mode from within BricWorks

Visit the Ai2 robot kit downloads page for more information.

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