PSE Desperado Youth Arrow made each
Maxium bow poundage 50#, 6.3 grains per inch,available in 26,28 and 30“ Specify arrow length

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Maxium bow poundage 50#, 6.3 grains per inch,available in 26,28 and 30“ Specify arrow length
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Questions (9)
how much does it cost for 20 arrows.

20X the pice of one.

and also what tips can these arrows take and what tips do they come with

They come with a target tip already glued in

hi just wondering if these arrows would withstand a pound higher then 50 say about 55 thanks

You are better with Carbon force 200 or goldtip 5575

Hi, this arrow was recently ordered as a gift for a female (x1 arrow). We were expecting a purple/yellow fletch arrow but received green & white instead. Is this normal practise or did we receive the wrong arrow? We really wanted the purple one. Thanks!

They come in all different colours. It is luck, it depends what colours we have in stock.

What are the arrows made of? Are the flights plastic or feather?

Arrows are Carbon, Vanes are plastic, points are Steel. In feathers I only have gold tip or wooden arrows

hi would these arrows be suitable for a 62'' samick sage recurve bow

Despardos are rated to 50#

hi would this be a good type of arrow for the pse snake recurve

They would be to stiff, but bullet proof. So a lighter arrow will shoot better but be more prone to damage.

would this arrow be good with the martin jaguar and can you put Broad heads on this?

The Despardo are a strong arrow. They come with are target point already glued in. If you want to hunt your best bet would be Carbon Force or another brand of arrow

Do these arrows need a tip or do they come with it,they do not specify

The point is glued in.

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