Maths Made Easy Level 4 v2 disc
Ages 8 to 10 fully updated version of this excellent Australian curricula software.
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Maths Made Easy Level 4 V2 is an exciting, interactive maths program that has been developed from the primary school curriculum. This innovative title introduces and explains maths concepts, then provides opportunities to practise their application.


Maths Made Easy Level 4 V2 features:

•A full year's maths program

•Contains 112 comprehensive lessons and activities over 24 progressive units of work.

•Includes 6 cool games: Binary Computer, 201 Darts, Pinball, Car Racing, Robo Checkers and Magic Squares Addition!

•Includes extra times table activities, from numbers 2 to 13!

•Includes animated demonstrations in simple and advanced trading with Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.

•Content Features: Time; Temperature; 2D Shapes & Angles; Position; Length; Area; 3D Objects; Volume; Mass; Numeration; Addition; Subtraction; Multiplication; Division; Fractions; Data & Graphs; Working Mathematically; Problem Solving


The Maths Made Easy V2 edition has been extensively revised and updated and features:

  • Fully Windows Vista compatible
  • OSX version for Intel and PPC Macs (Universal Binary)
  • Operates without CD in drive
  • Streamlined network deployment now possible using the MSI compatible installer on Windows networks (according to your purchased license options)


Maths Made Easy Level 4 V2 Content:

1A Volume Measuring cubic centimetres

1B  Measuring capacity in litres

1C  Adding capacities of groups

1D  Matching capacities and containers

1E  Additions and problems with capacity

2A Mass Using an equal arm scale

2B  Using grams

2C  Grams or kilograms

2D  Bathroom scales and grouping masses

3A 2D Shapes & Angles Matching shapes and tessellating shapes

3B  Polygons and symmetry

3C  Classifying triangles and circles

3D  Naming and properties of polygons

3E  "Angles - sharp, blunt and right angles"

4A Data & Graphs Column graph

4B  "Collecting data, tallying and graphs"

4C  Picture graphs

4D  Line graphs

5A Fractions Tenths and place cards

5B  Hundreds grid

5C  Words to numbers

5D  Bring tenths and hundredths together

6A 3D Objects Prisms - identification

6B  Analysing 3D shapes

6C  "Front, top, side and nets"

6D  Pyramids

6E  Isometric drawings

7A Position Position - checkers game

7B  Through the maze

7C  Map co-ordinates

7D  Dot-to-dot

7E  Checkers game with Davey

8A Length Measure object and decimal notation

8B  Perimeter

8C  Map

8D  Athletics carnival

9A Numeration Using base ten blocks in expanded form

9B  Place value

9C  Five digit numbers

9D  Place value and number sequence

9E  Place values

10A Addition Two digit number sentences

10B  Add three two digit numbers on a number wheel

10C  Distances on map using two digit numbers

10D  Pool addition

10E  Problems

11A Working Mathematically Verifying vertical calculations with a calculator

11B  Communicating using map details

11C  Problem solving - arithmetic operations

11D  "Using technology, binary computer"

12A Temperature Comparing informal and Celsius thermometer

12B  Reading a thermometer

12C  Temperatures around the house

12D  World temperatures

13A Subtraction Two digit subtraction - base ten blocks

13B  Patterns in subtraction in a hundreds chart

13C  Steam boat wheel subtraction

13D  Vertical subtraction

13E  Subtraction behind the door

14A Multiplication Multiplication of nine

14B  "Multiplication facts 3, 6 and 9"

14C  Factors and products

14D  Numbers 1 - 8 squared

14E  Lots of' - three digit numbers

15A Time "Analogue, digital and written time"

15B  Times of the day a.m. or p.m.

15C  Bus timetable

15D  Yearly calendar

15E  General time and date knowledge

16A Division Fair shares of three digit numbers

16B  Two digit numbers divided by one digit

16C  Columns and rows

16D  "Division symbols, divisor, dividend, quotient and trading"

16E  Using counters and concept of left over.

17A Fractions "Tenths, hundredths and place value"

17B  Exercises

17C  Matching words to fractions

17D  Fractions in order

17E  Matching fractions

18A More 2D Shapes & Angles Symmetry turning

18B  Flipping and naming symmetrical polygons

18C  Types of angles

18D  Angles on Danny's billycart

18E  Diagonals

19A More Addition Adding three 2 digit numbers. Vertical sums and trading

19B  Adding three 3 digit numbers

19C  Speed arithmetic

19D  Three digits with four digits

19E  Pinball addition

20A "Money (Aust, Can, NZ, SA, UK, USA)" Value of coins

20B  Value of notes and money in words

20C  Shopping and change

20D  Cost of supermarket items

20E  Problems

21A Area Understanding area and estimates

21B  Measuring smaller areas

21C  Using grid dots to measure area

21D  Surface area measurement

22A More Subtraction Subtraction darts

22B  Base tne blocks and problems

22C  Subtraction with trading

22D  Three digit and two digit subtraction

22E  Three digit subtracting three

23A More Mass/Volume Assessing total masses

23B  Mass calculations for shopping

23C  Volume with millilitres

23D  Reading milliitres

23E  Capacity measurement in L and mL

24A Problem Solving Addition problems

24B  Subtraction problems

24C  Multiplication problems

24D  Division problems

 Simple Trading Demonstrations Addition - Subtraction - Division - Multiplication

 Advanced Trading Demonstrations Addition - Subtraction - Division - Multiplication

 Other Activities Times tables 2 - 13

 Mathematical Games "Binary Computer, 201 Darts, Pinball, Car Racing, Robo Checkers, Magin Squares Addition"


Maths Made Easy Level 4 V2 Minimum System Requirements:

Windows XP SP2 or later, Pentium IV 600MHz Processor or faster, cd-rom drive


OS X (PowerPC or Intel Mac) 10.4/10.5, cd-rom drive

PACKAGING: DVD-style case

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