Maths Made Easy Level 3 v2 disc
Updated version of this excellent Australian curricula software for ages 7 to 9.
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Maths Made Easy Level 3 V2 is an exciting, interactive maths program that has been developed from the primary school curriculum. This innovative title introduces and explains maths concepts, then provides opportunities to practise their application.


Maths Made Easy Level 3 V2 features:

•A full year's maths program

•Contains 117 comprehensive lessons and activities over 30 progressive units of work.

•Includes a cool maths game: Cannonball Maths!

•Includes extra times table activities, from numbers 2 to 13!

•Content Features: Months of the Year; Clock Face & Time; Days & Dates; Temperature; Length; 2D Shapes; Patterns; 3D Objects; Mass; Volume; Numbers 1 to 20; Ordinal Numbers; Addition; Subtraction; Multiplication; Division; Fractions; Money; Chance & Data; Problem Solving.


The Maths Made Easy V2 edition has been extensively revised and updated and features:

  • Fully Windows Vista compatible
  • OSX version for Intel and PPC Macs (Universal Binary)
  • Operates without CD in drive
  • Streamlined network deployment now possible using the MSI compatible installer on Windows networks (according to your purchased license options)

 Maths Made Easy Level 3 V2 Content:

1A Volume Classifying objects and their capacity

1B  Identify containers that hold about one litre

1C  Matching capacity and containers

1D  Problem solving involving volume

2A Mass Classifying mass in kilograms

2B  Classifying objects by mass

2C  Selecting weights in kilograms and balancing scales

2D  Problem solving involving mass

3A 2D Shapes Naming 2D shapes - match names to shapes

3B  Identifying quadrilaterals - count and record sides

3C  Completing sentences about 2D shapes

3D  Introduction to parallel lines - identify parallel lines

4A Data & Graphs Introduction of counting using the tally system

4B  Match tally marks to totals

4C  Using data to help solve problems

4D  Using a ball game to tally data

5A Fractions Identifying the fraction part out of one hundred

5B  Ordering fractions out of one hundred

5C  Identify fractional parts - match fraction names

5D  Ordering fractions

6A 3D Objects Prisms - identifying

6B  Identifying properties

6C  Cross sectional views of everyday objects

6D  Matching different viewpoints of common prisms

7A All about Angles Identifying angles

7B  Sharp and blunt angles

7C  Selecting sharp and blunt angles

7D  Right angles

8A Calculator Getting to know your calculator

8B  Completing number sentences

8C  Problem solving

8D  Completing number sentences

9A Numeration "Ordering hundreds, ten and unit values"

9B  Ordering numbers

9C  Writing the numbers before and after

9D  Selecting correct place values

9E  Changing written numbers to numerals

10A Addition "2 digit addition, with trading demonstration"

10B  "2 digit addition, crossword and wheel"

10C  Magic square addition

10D  Completing addition sentences

10E  Adding map distances

11A Working Mathematically Random selection with weighted option - prediction

11B  Ordering events in order of likelihood

11C  Dice board game

11D  Analysis of dice board game

12A Temperature "Ordering from freezing to boiling, vocabulary, estimation"

12B  Reading a thermometer

12C  Seasonal temperature

12D  Temperature graph

12E  Room temperature

13A Subtraction Demonstration of trading - 2 digits

13B  Subtraction wheels - 2 digits

13C  Magic square subtraction

13D  Problem solving using subtraction

14A Multiplication Completing 2 digit multiplication problems

14B  "Multiplication square and 3, 6, 9 facts"

14C  Vertical multiplication

14D  Complete multiplication number sentences and wheels

14E  Factor definition and wheels

15A Time Estimating one minute and ordering

15B  Comparing analogue time to digital

15C  "Matching analogue, digital and written time"

15D  Time - crosswords

15E  Ordering times

16A Division Division sentences

16B  Division path and number sentences

16C  Division board game

16D  Division sentences

17A Fractions Counting forward by hundreds

17B  Counting backwards by hundreds

17C  Fractions

17D  Writing fractions as decimals

18A More 2D Shapes Identifying symmetries on numerals

18B  Identifying tessellating shapes

18C  "Flipping, sliding and turning shapes"

18D  Revision

19A Length Measuring with a tape measure

19B  Measuring heights

19C  Perimeter

19D  Distance from wall

20A "Money (Aust, Can, NZ, SA, UK, USA)" Shopping with stamps and coins

20B  Notes of equal value

20C  Choosing correct notes

21A Area More or less than one square metre

21B  Counting square centimetres

21C  Differences between estimated and actual area

21D  Area of irregular shapes

22A Volume Estimating and ordering volumes

22B  Ordering volume from smallest to largest

22C  Matching container and volumes

22D  Adding volumes

23A Mass Estimating mass

23B  Adding mass and matching equivalent mass

23C  Matching mass

23D  Adding mass

24A Problem Solving Addition

24B  Subtraction

24C  Multiplication

24D  Division

 Games 201 Darts

 Other Activities Timetables - numbers 2 to 13.

Maths Made Easy Level 3 V2 Minimum System Requirements:

Windows XP SP2 or later, Pentium IV 600MHz Processor or faster, cd-rom drive


OS X (PowerPC or Intel Mac) 10.4/10.5, cd-rom drive

PACKAGING: DVD-style case 


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