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Updated version of this great Australian curriculum-based maths software for ages 5 to 7

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Maths Made Easy Level 1 V2 is an exciting, interactive maths program that has been developed from the primary school curriculum.

Download size: 215MB

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This innovative title introduces and explains maths concepts, then provides opportunities to practise their application.


Maths Made Easy Level 1 V2 features:

•A full year's maths program

•Contains 120 comprehensive lessons and activities over 30 progressive units of work.

•Includes a cool racing game!

•Includes extra times table activities, from numbers 2 to 13!

•Content Features: Measurement; Hot / Cold; Day / Night; Days of the Week; Time; Length; Direction; Position; 2D Shapes; Awareness & Logic; Matching & Compiling; Symmetry; 3D Objects; Mass; Knowing your Numbers; Numbers 1 to 10; Adding to 10; Subtracting from 10; Operations & Problems; Money; All about Zero; Problem Solving; Chance & Data; Patterns.


The Maths Made Easy V2 edition has been extensively revised and updated and features:

  • Fully Windows Vista compatible
  • OSX version for Intel and PPC Macs (Universal Binary)
  • Operates without CD in drive
  • Streamlined network deployment now possible using the MSI compatible installer on Windows networks (according to your purchased license options) 

Maths Made Easy Level 1 V2 Content:

01A Shapes & Position Matching flag shapes and position

01B  Matching truck shapes and position

01C  Matching shapes to complete picture of rocket

01D  Matching shapes to complete picture of house

01E  Matching shapes to put robot back together

2A Awareness & Logic Logical discrimination of size of animals

2B  Logical discrimination of things that can break

2C  Logical discrimination of size using transportation

2D  Logical discrimination of mass using various characters

2E  "Logical discrimination of size, mass and temperature"

3A Matching & Compiling Matching objects and things that go together

3B  Matching partial animals to complete the picture 

3C  Matching people to transport

3D  Matching objects to groups

4A Position Matching animals and things to their correct house

4B  Matching objects to best fit the picture

4C  "Discrimination of top, middle and bottom"

5A Numbers 1 to 5 Introduction of the concept of one-ness

5B  Introduction of the concept of two-ness

5C  Discrimination of three things / conservation

5D  Discrimination of four things / conservation

5E  Discrimination of five things / conservation

6A Knowing your Numbers Matching numbers

6B  Matching numeral to a group

6C  "Matching numeral, group and word"

7A Length Discrimination of tall and short

7B  Discrimination of long and counting

7C  Discrimination of short and long

7D  Discrimination of long and short

8A Measurement Discrimination of thick and thin

8B  Discrimination of tall and short

8C  Discrimination of fat and thin

8D  Discrimination of near and far

8E  Discrimination of near and far continued

9A Position "Discrimination of in between, left, right"

9B  Discrimination of left and right

9C  Discrimination of direction with counting

10A Numbers 6 to 10 "Recognition of six objects, counting conservation"

10B  "Recognition of seven objects, counting conservation"

10C  "Recognition of eight objects, counting conservation"

10D  "Recognition of nine objects, counting conservation"

10E  "Recognition of ten objects, counting conservation"

11A Knowing your Numbers Matching numbers

11B  Matching numeral to a group

11C  "Matching numeral, group and word"

12A Mass Discrimination of easy to move

12B  Discrimination of moving mass

12C  Balancing mass by using see-saws

12D  Balancing mass on scales

13A Hot / Cold Discrimination of temperature using objects

13B  Discrimination of temperature by foods eaten

13C  Discrimination of temperature by clothes worn

13D  Discrimination of temperature by sports

13E  Matching person to pictures

14A Numbers 1 to 10 Recognition of numeral words

14B  Matching numerals to a group of items

14C  "Matching numeral, group and word"

14D  Counting by twos

15A Adding to 10 Introduction to addition using words

15B  Introduction to addition using symbols (+=)

15C  Introduction to counting and using objects

15D  Introduction of number sentences

16A 3D Shapes & Objects Discriminating 3D objects that can roll

16B  Discriminating 3D objects

16C  Matching 3D shapes and puzzles

16D  Matching everyday objects to 3D shapes

16E  Matching like 3D groups and counting

17A 2D Shapes Discriminating 2D objects

17B  Matching 2D shapes and words

17C  Selecting the same 2D shapes

17D  Matching 2D shapes by size

17E  Selecting smallest and largest

18A Day / Night Discrimination of day and night

18B  Using sentences for night and day

18C  Discrimination of morning and afternoon

18D  Using sentences with morning and afternoon

19A All about Zero Recognition of zero word and numeral

19B  Recognition of zero with other numbers

19C  Concept of zero using count down

19D  Concept of zero by counting

20A Days of the Week Ordering the days of the week

20B  Matching the days of the week to outlines

20C  Days of the week in sentences

20D  Ordering the days of the week


21A Subtracting from 10 Introduction to subtraction by leaving objects

21B  Introduction to subtraction by taking objects away

21C  Introduction to subtraction using symbols (-=)

21D  Introduction to subtraction sentences with objects

22A Problem Solving Using number sentences to solve addition problems

22B  Using number sentences to solve subtraction problems

23A Chance & Data Discriminating of chance of event happening

23B  Discrimination of most likely to happen

23C  "Discrimination always, maybe, never"

23D  Change using a coin toss

24A Symmetry Find the line of symmetry

24B  Selecting symmetrical objects

24C  Matching halves of various pictures

24D  Matching parts of symmetrical teddy bear

25A All about Time Discriminating lengths of time

25B  Estimating length of time for activities

25C  Items for measuring time accurately

25D  Building a clock face


26A Length Discriminating longer and shorter

26B  Discriminating shortest and middle size

26C  Discriminating longest and shortest

26D  "Comparing length - pencils, ordering length"

27A Direction & Position Discriminating longer and shorter

27B  Discriminating left and right arrows

27C  "Discriminating more about left, right and position"

27D  Finding object on the right

28A Patterns Selecting matching shapes

28B  Matching shapes into patterns

28C  Matching patterns of free choice

28D  Using patterns for addition 6 - 10

29A Money "Knowing what coins look like, values and names"

30A Operations & Problems Working with addition sentences

30B  Working with subtraction sentences

30C  Working with problems

 Games: Race Game

 Other Activities: Timetables - numbers 2 to 13.



Maths Made Easy Level 1 V2 Minimum System Requirements:

Windows XP SP2, Vista, Windows 7 or higher
Pentium IV 600MHz Processor or faster


OS X (PowerPC or Intel Mac) 10.4 or higher


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