Aussie SpellForce V2 School download version
This complete spelling tutor is suitable for all ages.

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  Aussie SpellForce is the complete spelling tutor for classroom and home, boosting your child's word attack skills through exciting gameplay.

Download size: 210MB

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Imagine kids looking forward to their homework time! Spellers of all ages and stages will be motivated and challenged by Aussie SpellForce. Grow your child's vocabulary and word use.

Aussie SpellForce can assist struggling learners by giving them words appropriate to their level; expand and develop their spelling vocabulary; and challenge them with new words and spelling rules to mature their spelling skills.

Aussie SpellForce is simple-to-use and comprehensive spelling software that brings to your home computer an extensive bank of graded spelling lists. Four awesome games with flexible options challenge the most advanced student but are accessible to those with special needs.

Aussie SpellForce V2 Features

  • A huge 9000+ Word Bank vocabulary graded by experienced teachers
  • Grade-by-grade word lists teach both the foundations and finer points of spelling. Words are ordered to maximise learning. Starting with words like 'cat' and 'sat', the lists progress through to words such as 'xenophobia' and 'hypoglycaemia'.
  • Word list types include: Phonics, Frequency, Word-building, Thematic, Etymology, Graded, Homonyms, Extension...
  • Each word is spoken in a clear Australian voice and presented in a meaningful sentence context.
  • Comprehensive and unlimited record keeping to track student progress
  • Four motivating space-age games which allow for different learning styles (cool!)
  • Users can enter own words, including weekly school spelling lists.
  • Automatically creates a 'words for practice list' for each user
  • Fully networkable

It's no secret that being a competent speller is essential to learning. Equipping children with a sound basis for spelling skills will ensure good reading and written communication for the future.

Aussie SpellForce V2 meets the requirements for teaching spelling in all Australian States by utilising the same wordlists as the Australia State Curricula (see below).

Essential topics (fun learning)

Aussie SpellForce has a total vocabulary of over 9,000 words, each with a recorded sound, a sentence and potential misspellings.

  • Level 1 – Junior Primary – The Foundation
    Basic essential vocabulary and systematic introduction of the elementary phonics (sounds) that are the building blocks of spelling.
  • Level 2 – Middle Primary – Building Understanding
    Expand vocabulary and teach the vast range of spelling rules and patterns that form the basis of the English language.
  • Level 3 – Upper Primary – Putting it all Together
    Further expand vocabulary with word-building exercises, words that are hard to spell and words imported into English from other languages.
  • Level 4 – Secondary & Adult – Building Confidence and Mastery
    Further expand and refine the user's vocabulary. Challenging words are included, for example 'hypoglycaemia'.

Aussie SpellForce For Teaching

Students can enter own words, including weekly school spelling lists. If the word already exists in the 9000-word bank, it will be presented with its built-in sound and sentence. Users can keep multiple lists in their name for access at a later date.

Administration Options

Aussie SpellForce boasts a comprehensive user database: an essential feature for monitoring progress. An unlimited number of users may be entered and the software remembers each student's or group's current wordlist and creates a list of words that need practice.

Using a password, teachers can view student records such as test results and game scores, create custom spelling lists, create groups of students (eg a class or ability level) and set up networking.

Flexible Game Options

Different game options include speed of graphics, time allowed, number of lives, type of presentation, type of clues, show/hide context sentence, hear word spoken, and much more. These options may be configured to challenge the most advanced student (or teacher) or make the activities accessible to those with special needs.

Aussie Spell Force V2 has had a major upgrade adding great new features including:

  • The “Look Cover Write Check” module
    • This entirely new module displays the spelling word on screen while the child “Looks” at it. The word is then “Covered” while the child “Writes” the word by typing it from memory. Once complete the typing is “Checked” for correctness with an on-screen animation. The child’ typing is then compared with the original word
    • Parents and teachers can vary the amount of time the word displays.
  • Printable/copiable word lists
    • Word lists can now be printed (with or without their context sentences) or copied to a word processor program.
  • Printable worksheets
    • Create printable worksheets with or without context sentences
      • Close 1 – Omit Vowels
      • Close 2 – Omit Consonants
      • Close 3 – Omit first and last letters
      • Close 4 - Omit odd numbered letters
      • Close 5 – Omit even numbered letters
      • Jumbled letters
      • Match word with sentence
  • Client/Server Networking
    • New Client/Server networking has been added to give greater networking flexibility. An Aussie Spell Force server is installed on one computer (Mac or Windows) and client copies of Aussie Spell Force are installed on the children’s computers (Mac or Windows). The client copies of the Spell Force communicate with the server to save or retrieve student records and other information including custom word lists.
    • This new networking software is not subject to the same restrictions on networks where security is tight as the older Path Based networking.
    • The old Path Based networking is also retained should schools choose to use it.
    • Note: Aussie Spelling Force uses its own Client/Server software and does not use the EdAlive Server employed by many other EdAlive products.

Aussie SpellForce V2 System Requirements

Windows XP SP2/Vista/Windows 7/8/10, 600MHz Processor or faster
Mac OS X (PowerPC or Intel Mac) 10.4.11 or higher 600MHz Processor or faster


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Aussie SpellforceV2 Does It run on Win.XP Is it suitable for a Handicapped Person about 8-10 year level

Hi there, and thank you for your enquiry. Yes this product runs on XP - see the System Requirements in green font towards the end of the page for exact requirements. It is suitable for all ages & abilities. The only possible issue for a handicapped person would of course be mouse & keyboard input, assuming the computer is already set up for this person's use with alternatives (if required) it will be fine (eg touch screen, scroll wheel instead of mouse etc).

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