Spot On Rogue Compound bow 30-70# 23.5-30.5" RH
IBO 320 fps, Bow weight 3.9#, Axle to axle 30", brace height 7.4". Bow comes with peep, dloop and 2 piece bow quiver

Arrow Cut / Draw Length

Bow Kit


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Machined riser, Machined cams, rotating module, split limbs from Gordon Glass.

Kit comes 
 - 6 Carbon Arrows
- Release
- Brush arrow rest
- 2 piece quiver
- dloop
-5 pin sight
- Stabilizer
- Bow sling

Pro Kit comes 
 - 12 Carbon Arrows
- Release
- Bush arrow rest
- 2 piece quiver
- dloop
-5 pin sight
- Stabilizer
- Bow sling
- Hard bow case

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Questions (5)
Hi just wondering if this bow comes in a left hand option and if it would be a good option for a woman's first bow thanks

Unfortunately, it doesn't.

Where can I find an online manual and can I have more information on what accessories come in the bow you said generic like to point can I have the exact items so I can look at them on your shop especially the quiver

Bow Quiver

When I purchase the bow with the pro kit what are the EXACT items that come in the kit (like specific stabalizer and specific release) also will the bow be sighted in and tuned for me?

The release is usually a Trufire patriot or a Trufire economy, the arrows usually are Skylon Novice's or Black Eagle Outlaw's the stabiliser, sight and rest are generic brands such as Topoint. The pro bow kit includes a hard case and an extra 6 arrows for a total of 12. All of these options are subject to change based upon stock availability.

If i pay now how will it take for me to get it to 3174 ?

Aus Post are pretty busy at the moment. Allow a week.

if i was to by just the bow how much would it be to then by the contents of the kit instead of with the bow.

We have several kits.

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