Oticon ConnectClip for OPN Hearing aids. *NEW*
A Bluetooth headset and wireless microphone in one
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The Oticon ConnectClip is a Bluetooth headset and wireless microphone in one

ConnectClip is many things in one. It turns Oticon OPN hearing aids into a high quality, wireless headset for hands-free calls and listening to music or podcasts in stereo. It works with any modern smartphone, music player or computer. It is a wireless, remote microphone. And it is a remote control for Opn hearing aids.

Phone headset
Enables truly hands-free phone calls and video calls
Wireless headphones
Streams music and audio from tablets, computers and phones
Remote microphone
Wirelessly transmits others’ voices to Opn hearing aids, from a distance
Remote control
Changes hearing aid programme and volume
Quality hands-free calls for any smartphone
ConnectClip turns Opn hearing aids into a hands-free mobile headset. It connects to any modern smartphone via 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy and streams rich sound to both ears, while capturing the wearer’s voice in high resolution.
There is no compromise on sound quality, with a Velox chip and OpenSound Navigator ensuring fast, clear streaming that’s free from unwanted noise.

Industry-leading features
ConnectClip makes Opn into a leading Bluetooth headset-enabled hearing aid with these leading features (in addition to the revolutionary open sound experience):
·         Streaming to both ears in stereo – not just one ear as with classic Bluetooth
·         Leading 7.5 kHz audio streaming frequency range gives high-quality sound that’s easier to understand
·         Lower power consumption of Bluetooth Low Energy allows small battery size for very discreet Bluetooth hearing                 aids
·         Opn hearing aids can be equipped with a rechargeable battery
·         True hands-free solution with a microphone optimized for the purpose, using OpenSound Navigator for quality                   sound reception
·         No compromise on hearing aid audiology – ConnectClip has its own advanced Velox chip

Smartphone users
Enables hands-free phone calls
Enables the wearer to stream music and audio from their phone or computer, and make video calls
Gives wearers a wireless remote microphone
Gives wearers a remote control for their hearing aids
iPhone users
Enables hands-free phone calls
Gives wearers a wireless remote microphone
Gives wearers a remote control for their hearing aids
Technical specifications

Microphone range:
During use as a remote microphone, ConnectClip can reach Oticon Opn hearing aids from up to 20 metres away.
Bluetooth USB dongle:
For connecting to your PC and other devices without built-in Bluetooth, ConnectClip uses the BTD 800 USB dongle. It gives a range of up to 10 metres from your device.
53 x 27 x 18 mm
27 grams
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