Splash Drone Auto Version
Add Extra Battery & Props Option @ Discount Price - Splash Drone Auto with features of FPV version with a smart Flight Controller GPS System with OSD and on-board video Transmitter.

Add Extra SplashDrone Battery (Optional)

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Splash Drone Auto Multicopter



1. Waterproof frame with hole and seal screw on the underside

2. Smart current distributor plate with dual voltage regulations (5V & 12V)

3. Motors: 650 KV specially treated brushless pancake (x4)

4. ESC: 40A high voltage/temperature ESC (x4)

5. LED lights: Super strong LEDs with low battery warning

6. Smart flight control system GPS that includes OSD module inside

7. High-end 8 channels telemetry Radio remote Controller

8. 4S 5200mAh 25C 14.8V LiPo (x1)

9. All in one smart balance charger (x1)

10. #1243 Self-tighten Carbon Fiber Propellers (x1set)

11. Waterproof vented cover (x1)

12. Quick-release landing gear (1set)

13. Quick-release camera mount (x1)

14. Waterproof Gimbal with FPV GoPro waterproof case (x1)

15. Video transmitter – MI600C (x1)

16. 7” FPV screen with dual antenna (x1)

17. Payload release (x1)

18. SplashDrone RTF Suitcase. (x1)


The Splash Drone is the world’s first and only amphibious Drone! It is a rugged, high quality, waterproof quad-copter that can be operated in virtually all types of environments. It is streamlined, full waterproof system and powerful. It can easily lift a GoPro camera in its waterproof case or GoPro camera mounted on a gimbal, its features including:

  1. Payload release mechanism: Capable of dropping a two-pound payload at the flip of a switch.
  2. Waterproof Camera Gimbal: This 2 axis camera stabilizer allows the pilot to tilt the GoPro 
camera in the air and loose the fear of landing on water.
  3. GoPro Dive Case: Gets live video feed directly from the GoPro and into the video transmitter.
  4. Emergency flare Adapter: Can hover a flare light 300 feet in the air for up to 15 minutes. This is a 
huge improvement on traditional emergency flares that only last about a few seconds in the air.
  5. Lifesaver delivery: Splash Drone can delivery an automatically inflating life preserver to a swimmer in trouble in seconds.
  6. Integrated video transmitter: Can transmit a clear video signal for up to 2 mile.
  7. Return to Take off location: The Splash Drone will automatically return to its take off position if 
the radio contact is lost.
  8. Telemetry flight control and remote control system: Telemetry at the palm of your hands showing you its location, altitude, distance and battery status 

  9. Self-tighten Propeller: Customized make #12” self-tighten carbon fiber propeller included.
  10. Smart Balance Charger: Splash Drone Easy Battery Charger. No more complex setting.
  11. Aluminum Suitcase: Completely self-contained Aluminum Suitcase that is light and easy to carry with custom cut foam to keep everything safe and organized inside.

The RTF version is a fully Ready-to-Fly system that includes the flight controller and telemetry remote radio control system installed and setup, ready to fly. The GYRO is activated in Manual Mode, which make SPLASHDRONE different from other drones. People can fly easy in Manual Mode and no worry of the sudden fly away happen. According to the comprehensive feedback, most of the fly away accidents happens because the environment interference interfere the GPS module, either the compass or the GPS signal. So now you can fly SPLASHDRONE on the street without worry of sudden out of control because of the complex interference from the environment. SPLASHDRONE supports autopilot hover with altitude and position lock and hold for greater stability, point cruise around, low battery auto landing, out of range auto return home, and one button return home functions. The RTF version is fully waterproof and includes a quick detached plate for fixing a waterproof camera.

In addition to the RTF Versionthe FPV version is for obtaining professional video results with a fully stabilized camera on a 2axis waterproof gimbal. The FPV version is the perfect choice for the amateur or professional wanting top of the line footage. The SPLASHDRONE - FPV version comes complete with an onboard, MI600mw Video Transmitter, a 7” FPV screen with a sunshade, the new waterproof Release mechanism.



3. The AUTO Version Basic on PRO version, the AUTO version adds a UPGRADE Flight Control system which come with ground station module that allows the pilot to fly the Splash Drone with an android device. Setup follow me function; Setup autonomous Missions - allows the pilot to plot waypoints and have the Splash Drone
execute a predetermined flight path. 

Works Best with Android Devices. IOS not fully compatible -  firmware is still in Testing by SplashDrone.




Body Frame Super strong and light ABS material with sealed design.
Product Size

Diameter: 500mm, Height: 120mm(without landing gear)

Propeller, Height: 230mm(with landing gear)

Product Weight Frame weight 1150g, Max flight weight over 2500g.
Brushless Motor 650kv waterproof treatment brushless motor
ESC High end 40A ESC
Propeller x 2 sets #1243 Self-tighten Carbon Fiber Propeller (1set)
LiPo Battery 4S 5200mAh LiPo Battery
Inner Size 160mm×160mm×55mm
Remote Controller 8 Channel Telemetry Controller
Flight Control Smart flight control system GPS that includes OSD module inside
Intelligent Circuit Low battery detection, dual voltage regulation circuit (5V & 12V).
Top Cover Nano materials water vented cover*1
Fly Time 4S 4200mAh LiPo: without load 19 minutes
Indication LED 4 super bright direction indication LEDs with low battery warning function
Hanging Screw 4 threaded mounting holes and adapter plate for mounting the Gimbal
Landing Gear Carbon Fiber quick-release landing gear
Balance Charger Compact design, high efficient, smart balance charger with built in power adaptor
Dual Usage

Quick-detach design that allows quick change from waterproof flying to Gimbal

FPV for professional photography

Alloy suitcase Customized, strong alloy suitcase to for FPV and RTF SPLASHDRONE.


More About Auto Version - Spec Details infographic

Splash Drone SpecificationSplashDrone Specssplashdrone Auto Version Spec and Features AUstralia

Reviews (1)
Name : Phil Girardot
Location :
Title :
Review : Thanks jostech Australia Splash drone is great fun and you guys have been more than helpful Cheers Phil

Questions (5)
Hi, Do you have now only the Orange one or is it possible to still get the white one? Also, on different websites, you can choose the radio frequency (433M for Europe and 915M for USA). What does the radio frequency change? Is the USA frequency is more powerful? What version do you propose? Cheers

No - most people want the orange version so all we sell currently are Orange. The remote has 2405 ~ 2475HMZ range. I dont think you need to worry about stuffs in US or Europe - you can select different radio frequency. Its a 10 channel remote. You get the manual with it - which will help you set it up. The max range is 1km as per manufacturer spec and it is same everywhere unless someone customizes it. We neither offer customized remote nor recommend altering anything so that there is no issue with warranty. Please feel free to email me - sales@jostechaustralia.com.au, if you have any question. we had customer take the splashdrone overseas with no issue.

Hi, Today, 28/01/16, how is your stock of Splash drone Auto version? How long does it take from the order to be ship and then delivered. Cheers.

SplashDrone Auto stock is fine - should be able to ship either same day or day after depending on time of order. Depends on where the delivery address is. To NSW and VIC addresses it gets delivered next day or day after. Other states take between 2-4 days. Normally most places receive in 3 days

Hi Would you know an indicative price to ship to NZ? Thanks in advance Tony Bartholomee

Hi Tony - We ship within Australia Only. This is mainly because all UAV products bought from us come with warranty and we have dedicated Service Centre here in Australia, and we provide best possible service and warranty repairs. It becomes really complicated when sending items to NZ - especially when you request free repair or service under warranty. Shipping item back and forth to and from NZ can be costly and time-consuming as well. Its actually not in customer interest to buy product like drone from overseas even if its lot cheaper. And we certainly don't want to sell our product making it difficult to provide warranty and service which is the most important consideration customers often ignore- its more important than price tag. Sorry about it.

Do I need GPS to fly this?

You don't need GPS to Fly SplashDrone for Standard Flights. For certain functions that rely on GPS to find coordinates or location, you will need GPS to fly the SPlash Drone. Where there is poor GPS or no GPS, you should be flying in ATTI (manual mode). To use features like Follow Me function, you will need GPS and your BLUETOOTH MODULE (included in this package) must be connected to a device (Android Device). The Drone actually follows the Bluetooth Device. When there is loss of GPS, the drone might drift - if you notice this you need to switch to manual mode. In short, you can fly this drone with no GPS in manual mode but if you want to use features that requires GPS, you should make sure GPS signal is good. Hope this helps....

Hi There can you guarantee delivery of the splashdrone Auto version before xmas to Perth Western Australia?

Hi Paul Yes we can guarantee that. If you order before stock runs out - you will have them well before Christmas. Normally, it takes 2-3 days to reach Perth once shipped. As of today splashdrone Auto is ready to Ship & plenty.

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