Bontrager R4 700x23c Hard-Case Lite
At just 175 grams, the R4 tyre from Bontrager is incredibly lightweight considering the in-built Hard-Case Lite puncture protection. Combined with a supple 220tpi casing, the R4 is an incredible tire for road racing and riding.

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Bontrager R4 700 x 23c Road Bike Tyre
Experienced cyclists are well versed on the importance of quality rubber. You can have the best bike in the world, but if the tyres are crap, the bike will ride crap. And at the end of the day, the tyres are the vital connection between bike and bitumen, and so having a high quality set of treads can have a dramatic effect on the overall ride performance. The R4 from Bontrager is the brands top-of-the-line road racing tyre, and features all of their technology and R&D poured into it to create the lightest and fastest road bike tire available. It's the next step up from the R3 tyre, and you'll only see it specced on the very top-level Domane and Madones bikes from Trek. The difference to the R3? It all comes down to construction and materials. The R4 uses a firmer base rubber compound, which allows for greater efficiency and faster accleration. It also uses a finely woven and hand-laid 220tpi casing, which reduces weight and increases suppleness of the overall tyre. Standing for "Threads Per Inch", the 220tpi casing is a large reason for the added expense of the R4 tyre, but it is also a fundamental component of its performance out on the race track. 

Hard-Case Lite
Whilst the R4 tyre is designed for maximum speed and minimum weight, it means absolutely nothing if you're going to be spending all your ride time fixing punctures on the side of the road. No one wants to be 'that guy'! With that in mind, Bontrager have developed a specific tyre technology for the lightweight R-Series that helps to boost their resistance to punctures, without adding significant weight or reducing the suppleness of that incredible 220tpi casing. That technology is called Hard-Case Lite, and it is based around a narrow strip of Nylon that sits directly underneath the centre tread of the tyre. This Nylon belt makes it extremely difficult for shards of glass or metal shrapnel to make its way through the tyre and into the inner tube. However, it does so without turning the R4 into a boat anchor of a tyre - this bad boy still manages to come well under 200 grams per end!

From Bontrager:

You're at the top of your game. Crushing crits, killing climbs, and ruling road races. Don't let your tires hold you back. The 220 tpi casing on the R4 road tire is incredibly supple for outstanding handling and the ultra-low rolling resistance compound and Aero Wings mean faster rolling. Add Hard-Case Lite for lightweight puncture protection and you've got the perfect racing tire."

The Bontrager R4 Tyre features:
  • Size: 700 x 23c
  • Weight: 175 grams
  • Type: Folding Kevlar Bead
  • Casing: Hard-Case Lite
  • TPI: 220
  • Pressure: 90-120 psi
  • Compound: 57a Rubber Compound
  • Recommended Use: Road riding & racing

With high quality options for road, commuting and off-road, as well as the massive R&D weight of Trek behind them, Bontrager's new line of bike tyres has the perfect option for every rider and every condition.
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