Sprout Up All in Two by Peachy Green
Peachy Green Sprout Up All in Two one size modern cloth nappy

Peachy Green Designs

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Peachy Green Sprout Up All in Two

Our all in two "Sprout Up" cloth nappies are a one size diaper that is amazingly trim! Re-use the shell for multiple changes.

The Sprout Up design features a diaper shell that can be used for multiple changes, and bamboo fleece soakers for super absorbant natural-fiber goodness. The shell and soakers are both one-size! They adjust through sizes 0, 1, and 2 to grow with your baby.

How does it work? Start with the One Size Soaker [extras available separately] - turn it upside down and snap it into position for size 0, 1, or 2. Now it's set and you can leave it there until baby grows.

Flip the soaker over and snap into the shell. Now fasten the diaper onto baby - the 3 rise settings and 5 rows of waist/leg settings give you tons of adjustments!

Wait a couple hours...Time to change? Snap out the wet soaker. Snap in a dry soaker. Go!

On the inside of the shell, the buttery soft microfleece resists wetness. If your baby is a super soaker, you may need to let the shell dry a little before re-use. This is easy to do if you rotate two or more shells.

Sprout Up Nappy Design Features
Amazingly trim - stretches to fit a wide range of babies

Soft microfleece - against baby's skin, not snaps

Side snaps - for a smooth belly

Gentle elastic - works for chubby or lean thighs

Soft - even when line dried

One Size - with 5 rows of waist snaps, 3 rows of rise snaps

Comes with 1 insert included, can purchase additional inserts to get the most out of the all in two system.


Prep: Wash and dry once. These are okay to wash with any other type of diaper. Use diaper.

Washing: Snap out soaker. Remove and flush solid waste. Store in dry pail. Prewash cold. Wash warm or hot. Machine or line dry.

Reviews (2)
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Review : After having used this nappy a few more times I have come back to report on #2. I found that it does tend to leak out the leg if it's a poosplosion however most nappies probably would do the same! I'm sure once on solids and the stools harden up this nappy will be fine. Overall, I'm still quite happy with this nappy and it's one I reach for on a warm day as it's so light. Fiona

Name : Anonymous
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Review : I wanted to try this nappy as I prefer the trim fit style (like Itti Bittis) and the idea of it being multisized appealed. I was pretty happy when I first saw it and washed it straightaway so I could try it out on the little man. It fit him nicely between the legs and even though he only did a #1 there was no leakage. The real test will be a #2 and I will report back later. The only other thing is that it's side snapping which is new to me so I felt a bit awkward doing it up but it's not a problem. At this stage, I would recommend if you're after a trim fit nappy that is multisized to last baby longer. Fiona

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