What's wrong with my heart DVD
Designed for heart patients and their families, this DVD reviews the common heart conditions and their treatments.
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Designed for heart patients and their families, this DVD reviews the common heart conditions and their treatments. It reviews, chapter by chapter, the cardiac risk factors, heart surgery treatments, and common associated heart conditions. With sections on diet, exercise, and medications, it is intended to be used in the recovery phases of heart illness, both by patients, their families and friends and carers. It also offers useful advice to anyone interested in a healthy heart who wants to prevent heart illness. The DVD features interviews with some of South Australia's leading heart specialists including those who perform surgery on, and look after, cardiac surgical patients.There are separate sections presented by a dietitian , and a pharmacist ,who have specialised cardiac knowledge and experience.
Perfect for patients after a heart event,heart surgery,or coronary stenting,it can be used as part of a cardiac rehabilitation programme or even useful in cardiac clinics.Valued by doctors to help patients better understand their condition and comply with treatment programmes.Also suitable for healthcare facilities,health insurance programmes,and point of sale in pharmacies and other outlets. 
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NOW AVAILABLE FOR DIGITAL VIEWING ONLINE AT https://vimeo.com/ondemand/heartdvd

'I am very impressed. It is clearly understood.'
Veronica .

'I watched the DVD on the week end and I think it’s very good.
I believe it would be beneficial to people who are finding out they have a heart complaint (so they can understand the problem and what the options are) as well as for people such as me, who have already had a procedure. The information regarding the various heart complaints is explained very simply and calmly by all the presenters and I think that would give patients facing any of the procedures a lot of confidence for a successful outcome.
From my perspective it was good to have all the information re-iterated (and I did feel guilty about not exercising as much as I should) and I found the second disk very useful as that information is something I tend to forget. Gina also found that disk very useful.'

The discs produced are  clear and highly informative. The first disc provides a lucid explanation with respect to risk factors and potential problems that may arise with respect to heart health. The highly experienced professionals involved explicate in layman's terms and do not use unnecessary technical terminology, which is refreshing and helpful to the viewer. The variety of speakers provide in depth and fascinating account of the warning signs and the ways to prevent and address heart health issues, without sermonizing. The extensive section on all important Diet Control has been well directed to assist people not that knowledgeable on the very strict food control requirement. Well Done.

Very informative, excellent lots of information and not at all boring. I watched it with the Rads on the Breastscreen Mobile Van and they too were impressed, especially as one of the girls has a family history and having problems with her cholesterol. Thanks again Heather.

To view a trailer go to http://vimeo.com/ondemand/1963/66871856 or http://youtu.be/_mAkxV-Jx5A

Developed by Ashford Hospital and SA Heart,supported by  MSD,and reviewed by the Heart Foundation.


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We currently use a Heart Moves DVD for our Cardio group ages 65/80 yr old's.Would your DVD be suitable as an alternative as our one is becoming a bit boring & we need something NEW & REFRESHING.We are located in Bayswater Victoria Australia Thanks Austin

Hi Austin Yes I believe our exercise DVD would be suitable for your group. You can preview the DVD on Youtube if you search for the 'Healthy and Heartwise TV' channel. https://youtu.be/CqI_TgMJbrk Kind regards Alistair Begg

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