ClueFinders Mystery Mansion Arcade
Can you help the ClueFinders escape from their arcade traps and reveal the identity of the mastermind?
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Cluefinders Mystery Mansion Arcade

It’s late at night and the ClueFinders are responding to a message from Joni’s Uncle Horace. They approach a mysterious, sinister-looking house. Joni is eager to go inside, but the other ClueFinders think that the message might be a fake, sent to fool them. And LapTrap, of course, is scared to death. The house has a high-tech "command center," with a large table and video monitors along the wall. Seated at the table are four villains from previous ClueFinders adventures - Fletcher Limburger, Alistair Loveless, Pericles Lear, and Ms. Rose. An unknown person sits at the centre of the table, identity obscured - the mastermind of the entire affair. This person has asked the other villains to do what no one else has been able to do: trap the ClueFinders once and for all. 

You must guide Owen, Santiago, and Leslie through their arcade traps, collect special "powers," and then help Joni. Joni cannot complete her multi-player arcade trap until all the ClueFinders are together. This final arcade game is long and challenging, and if Owen, Leslie, or Santiago run out of special powers, they must go back to their own arcade games to get more. Can you help the ClueFinders escape from their arcade traps and reveal the identity of the mastermind? 

ClueFinders Mystery Mansion Arcade activities include: 

Red Video Phone 
The red video phone is available in all arcades except Joni’s. When you click the red video phone icon, Joni appears and gives help and encouragement. 

Joni’s Backpack 
All the necessary powers you have collected from the other arcades will be displayed on the screen. Go to Owen’s Radical Pizza Race Go to Santiago’s Pinball Predicament 

Owen's Radical Pizza Race 
Owen loves to skateboard and he loves to eat, so the diabolical Fletcher Limburger has created the ultimate Owen challenge: ride through a gigantic, spinning pizza on a submarine sandwich with wheels! Owen may laugh, but the hot, melted cheese, huge pineapple wedges, and super-thin slices of pepperoni appearing at high speeds are no joke for him. Avoid the toppings and get to the finish line before the timer runs out. Collecting anchovies along the way earns Owen the special power that will be needed in Joni’s arcade. The anchovies give Owen super-strong anchovy breath, which will temporarily knock out monsters and break rolling boulders. 

You can help Owen get to the finish line by using your mouse, or by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. The left and right arrow keys move Owen left and right. The up arrow key makes Owen skate faster. The down arrow key makes Owen use his brake and slow down. The space bar makes Owen jump. The mouse can also control Owen’s left and right movement. A click of the mouse will cause Owen to jump. However, there is no way to make Owen speed up or slow down with the mouse, so unless you use the up and down arrow keys, you will stay at the default speed. 

To advance to another pizza, get to the finish line before the timer runs out. When you successfully jump over a topping, you will hear a beeping sound. The timer then stops temporarily and gives you extra time to get to the finish line. Look here to see how much time you have left. Look here to see your current score. Skate over the anchovies to earn power. Look here to see how many anchovy powers you have earned. Collecting anchovies and completing successful jumps will earn you points. If you crash into toppings or into the crust, you will lose points. Getting to the finish line before time runs out will earn you extra points for each second left on the timer. There are eight levels in this arcade. As you move up the levels, you will have less time on the timer, more toppings to avoid, and a longer racetrack. 

Leslie’s Bookerang Library 
Leslie’s love of books and knowledge has inspired Alistair Loveless to trap her in a forbidding Gothic library, where gargoyles come to life and mischievously toss books off the shelves. Leslie must jump from book to book in order to preserve them from destruction, but she must choose her jumps carefully, according to a category on the wall. If Leslie lands on a correct book, it is "sealed" and becomes a solid part of a book stack. If she lands on an incorrect book, it crumbles and is lost. The gargoyles periodically dangle ladders from the ceiling; if Leslie can grab a ladder, she will advance upwards, eventually making her way out of the library. Jumping on Bookerangs earns Leslie the special power that will be needed in Joni’s arcade. Leslie can throw the Bookerangs, which will temporarily knock out monsters and break through ropes. 

Santiago’s Pinball Predicament 
Demented toymaker Pericles Lear has trapped Santiago in a giant pinball machine. And Santiago is the pinball! Santiago must pilot his air-car through mazes, around obstacles, over targets, and off flippers to escape. At the same time, he must light up the pinball game’s letters, which are the key to his escape. Collecting batteries earns Santiago the special power that will be needed in Joni’s arcade. The batteries power Santiago’s force ray, which will temporarily knock out monsters, break through walls, and push blocks out of the way. 

Collecting batteries, bumping into bumpers, going through mazes, and lighting up lights will earn you points. But if a roving bowling pin bumps into you, you lose points. You will also lose points if Santiago gets caught in the spinning wheel around Lear’s face, or if you lose Santiago through the pinball flippers. There are eight levels in this arcade. As you progress through the levels, you will notice the game gets more difficult. Roving bowling pins appear as you move up the levels, and the pinball machine’s bumper speed will also increase. 

Joni’s Last-Chance Labyrinth 
Her leadership qualities are needed as Joni helps guide the team in an adventure where all four ClueFinders must contribute. Ms. Rose has placed Joni in a dangerous underground labyrinth filled with hostile plants. When Owen, Leslie, and Santiago escape their own arcade traps to come help her, the final adventure begins. Each ClueFinder has a unique power. The key to escaping the final arcade trap is to decide which ClueFinder has the right special power to overcome a hazard. The ClueFinders need to avoid obstacles, defeat monsters, and get to the escape door. Collecting gooberries gives Joni her special power. The gooberries make everything sticky, which temporarily knocks out monsters and freezes stompers and spiders.

ClueFinders Mystery Mansion Arcade Minimum System Requirements


Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/works on Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8

Pentium 166 MHz or faster; 100 MB free hard disk space

32 MB RAM; 8x CD ROM drive or faster


Macintosh System 8.6 to OS 9.x and OS X in Classic mode only (not Leopard+)

PowerPC 180 MHz processor or faster; 100 MB free hard disk space

32 MB RAM; 8x CD ROM


PACKAGING: Cd-rom in sleeve


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