Milbemax Wormer Cats Under 4.4lbs (2kg) - 2 Tablets
Milbemax Wormer for cats provides broad spectrum protection against internal parasites.

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Milbemax Small Cat Upto 2 Kg (4 lbs.) 2 Tab Pack is not your everyday milquetoast pet medication. This all in one worm preventative is a wide-ranging intestinal dewormer used in the treatment of cats to protect against:
  • Roundworm
  • Hookworm
  • Tapeworm
The active ingredient in Milbemax, Praziquantel, causes tapeworms to muscle spasm, after which they are assaulted and destroyed by enzymes. Plus, if you treat your cat every month, Milbemax is also effective in the prevention of Heartworm. Milbemax for cats is a tiny, tasty beef flavored treat in tablet form that is so delicious your kitty will eat it right out of your hand.
Reviews (2)
Name : Lizlas
Location :
Title :
Review : remember that melbamax does not treat hookworm . Another very common parasite in outdoor cats

Name : Yolanda Brynner
Location :
Title :
Review : Being a very small tablet, I find this more convenient to administer.Beef flavoured the cats seem to like it most of the time. I dose every month to cover all the worms and it works out very much cheaper than all the other brands I have used. I recommend to all pet owners.

Questions (2)
Are the two tabs considered one dose? (ie. one pill now, one pill a week later?, or two pills at once?)

One tablet is one dose. You can administer one tablet every month.

Is this safe for a kitten under 4 pounds?

Yes. Accordingly label Milbemax for small cats is safe for kittens 6 weeks of age.

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