Revolution Pink Puppy and Kittens under 5lbs (2.5kg) - 3 Pack
Revolution Pink for puppy and kittens prevents heartworms, fleas and other harmful parasites.

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If you’ve got dogs and cats living in perfect harmony in your house, then you must be an excellent trainer, and you’ve probably already heard of the multifaceted pet medication: Revolution Pink Puppy/Kitten 3 Pack. Created specifically for the smallest and furriest members of your family, (up to 2.5 kg or 5 lbs.) Revolution Pink can protect either kittens or puppies from the threats of:
  • Heartworm
  • Ear mites
  • Hookworm and roundworm in cats only
  • Sarcoptic mange in dogs only
  • Fleas--adults, eggs, and larvae
  • Biting lice
  • Controls American Dog Tick infestations (Dermacentor Variabilis)
This is an excellent tool in the fight against a myriad of the common parasites that attack the fuzziest of your companions, and no multiple pet household should be without it.
Reviews (2)
Name : Su Kyoung Lee
Location : Deagu
Title :
Review : good product ! affordable price ! free shipping ! Great !!

Name : Su Kyoung Lee
Location : Deagu
Title :
Review : good product ! affordable price ! free shipping ! Great !!

Questions (8)
Is it safe to use Revolution and Comfortis on my 5 month old puppy? I have already given my puppy Comfortis and the fleas are relentless!

Yes it is safe to use Revolution with Comfortis together.

is these have pyrethrins in stronghold or revolution toopicals

The ingredient is selamectin in Revolution and Stronghold products.

What is the difference between stonghold and revolution?

There is no different except the packaging. The same manufacturer (Pfizer) sell the same products under different Brands on different countries. Ingredients and formulas are exactly the same.

Do I need a prescription to order this product?

All the products we currently sell are "over the counter" products in the country they are shipped from and no prescription is required.

Does Revolution come in pill form or only liquid?

Liquid only.

Hi! Can I use this on my pet rabbit? She weighs around 5 lbs.

Unfortunately we can't be sure that you are able to use this on a rabbit, while it looks like there are those that have in the past. It's best to check with your pets veterinarian.

Is it the 3 pack a 3 month supply?

Yes it is as long as you get the appropriate weight range for your pet.

I dont have cats but do have other bigger dogs and want to get them on Revolution as soon as possible. Is this safe for a 9 week mini dacshund?

Yes Revolution advise this can be used from Puppies 6 weeks or older.

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