Heartgard Chewables Plus Brown Dogs 51-100 lbs (23-45kg) - 6 Chewables
Heartgard gives protection against deadly heartworm, it also protects from hookworm and roundworm.

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Heartgard Chewables Plus Brown is a 6 pack of tasty chewables created to deworm your large sized pooch. Any dog 51-100 lbs (23-45kg) is an eligible candidate for this combination de-wormer. Feed your small dog Heartgard Plus to prevent parasites such as:
  • Hookworm
  • Roundworm
  • And the deadly Heartworm
Heartgard Chewables Plus is to be administered once a month to keep your minute mutt from suffering the terrible effects of an unwanted parasitic invasion. So simultaneously keep your tiny tyke happy and well fed with Heartgard Chewables Plus Blue. Does not prevent Tapeworms or whipworms.
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Name : Terrie Marnon
Location : United States, South Lyon
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Review : Yes I received my purchase and was very satisfied with the delivery time and product. Thank you.

Location : PUERTO RICO
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Review : Fast shipping, great product

Name : Rosette McCullough
Location : United States, Rio Rancho
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Review : Very pleased with the product the price and the speed of delivery. Have been using them for over a year and will continue for many years to come.

Name : Jay
Location :
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Review : 기호성이 좋아서 먹이기가 편리해요 =D

Name : william trier
Location : United States, Sarasota
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Review : 5 star...thanks

Location : PUERTO RICO
Title :
Review : Fast shipping, great product

Name : Daniel Yudelevich
Location : Tel Aviv, Israel
Title :
Review : Product is genuine, delivery is always on time - never had an issue or a flee/tick. Highly recommended.

Name : Debbie Simmons
Location : Dix, Illinois United States
Title :
Review : I have used this site several times and have been very pleased. Great prices and product!

Name : John Francis Ivess
Location : Canada, Verdun
Title :
Review : Very pleased with the product and the service

Name : Robert Courtright
Location : United States, Woodbridge
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Review : 5 stars

Name : Jennifer Daugherty
Location : United States, Marana
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Review : Really happy with product! Shipping is great and the product was delivered in excellent condition!

Name : Gretchen Gonzalez
Location : United States, Titusville
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Review : Excellent!!!

Name : Brian Low
Location : Canada, Trenton
Title :
Review : I've been buying products from Petbucket for a number of years now. I have a 90 pound boxer lab mix and I've been using heartworm treatment and flea/tick treatments and have saved a fortune. My dog is flea free and hasn't had a tick in its life did yo petbucket products. I can't express how grateful I am that petbucket sells a variety of pet supplies at much reduced prices and you are able to track your purchase right to your door. I've recommend petbucket to anyone I know that has a dog or a cat. Thanks petbucket for keeping the prices affordable and having a variety to choose from.

Name : ron king
Location : United States, winchester
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Review : Good service and product

Name : Joyce Hlava
Location : United States, Lakewood
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Review : Very satisfied with the service, price and product.

Questions (19)
Is it ok to give Australian Shepherds this product? thanks,

Yes, it is ok.

ive been giving my golden heartgard for the last year.i see it is for hookworm but does it protect her from getting bit by mosquito and getting infective?

Heartgard treats hookworms but it won't protect your dog against mosquito bites. We recommend Bayer's " Advantix " for that.

If I order with auto-shipping, do I get notified before each order in case I need to cancel?

Yes, we do send two reminders (10 days and 3 days) prior to every automated order in case you need to cancel.

my dog is on trifexis and I was told not to give it to her while she is pregnant. is it OK to give her Heartgard?

"HEARTGARD Plus has a wide margin of safety for dogs of all breeds and sizes when used as directed. It is approved for puppies as young as 6 weeks, pregnant or breeding female dogs, and stud dogs." http://goo.gl/e81vvz

How long would it take for shipment to Elberton, GA 30635?

Shipping may take between 10 to 15 business days. Please visit following link for more information: http://goo.gl/JQOUA

Is this Heartgard Plus the brand or is it a generic version of Heartgard Plus? And is it second tier quality; is there a reason it's discounted so low?

Yes, all of our products are guaranteed to be genuine first tier quality products. You can find more detail on how we can offer such amazing prices on authentic medications at the following link: http://goo.gl/5Nl2vQ

Hi, my dog came from a european country via rescue and has been diagnosed with heartworm. The dog is currently undergoing treatment (2 injections, one each month to kill the adult heartworms). I've then been told that I need to buy heartgard plus and administer this for a period of 6 months (one tablet per month) to get rid of any 'babies' but I notice that you mentioned in another comment that this is a preventative and can accelerate the heartworm growing.... please advise as this was a vet in UK who told me to do this and I need to know if it's correct? Does heartgard plus kill the larvae or babies?

It would be best to consult a vet and place your order accordingly.

Does this come from Canada? If so, is it the same strength as the US Brand? I've heard sometime they aren't.

It is the same product. Each tablet contains 272 mcg ivermectin and 227 mg pyrantel. It will be shipped from either The UK or Singapore.

Hi i was wondering do you ship free to Italy?If i was to buy Heartgard do i need a prescription?Would i have problems at customs here?Would i have to pay extra at customs?Thanks.

Hi, We have Worldwide free delivery on orders over $20. You don't need a prescription for Heartguard. We have a few customers in Italy, we have never experienced custom problems, some times orders can take little longer to arrive but they arrive nevertheless.

I just ordered the heartgard. If it is shipped out of Japan, where is it made. Does it have the same ingredients? My dog is my world and i want to make sure the product is safe.

Our products are either made in Australia or the UK.

my dog tested positive for heartworm if i order this heartgard medicine will it help cure him or hurt him even more?

If your dog tested positive for having heartworm, it is crucial that NO heartworm preventative be used. Heartworm preventatives would speed up the heartworm condition.

we were giving my full grown collie heartguard for heartworm for years then I heard from a vet that it was harmful to collies so I stopped and I was told to use some type of interceptor pill I need to know for sure that heartguard is safe my dog is about 8 years old please give me the true facts on this matter I love my dog very much please respond as soon as possible bob

We recommend that you get a second opinion from another veterinarian on that. We do carry Interceptor Spectrum if you decide to go with that instead of Heartgard.

My dog was tested and has some heart worms. Will taking this kill those worms.

Hi, sorry to hear that your dog has heartworm. It is always best to consult a vet on these matters because treating an animal that has heartworm with a heartworm preventative can excellerate the condition to the point of fatality. We hope this helps.

What is the active ingredient(s) of Heartgard Plus Chewables? Where is Heartgard Plus manufactured? Barbara Cude

Thanks for the enquiry Barbara. Their main active ingredients are Ivermectin and Pyrantel. You can find relevant information on the manufacturers website www.heartgard.com

Will HeartGuard or any other products you ship to Canada be subject to additional charges or be stopped by customs? These products are sold by vets here. do you ship to Canada presently or in the past?

Hi Yes, we are regularly send these products to Canada and we haven't experienced any problems yet. If you are charged any custom fees or such we will refund it as soon as you provide a receipt.

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