Bontrager TLR Tubeless Rim Strip
The excellent Bontrager TLR System allows for a foolproof tubeless setup. Available in specific versions for road and MTB, the TLR strips allow you to seal up your Bontrager TLR rims for a seamless tubeless setup. Got a Trek mountain or road bike? There's a good chance you can ditch your tubes and experience all the benefits of smooth-rolling tubeless tyres

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Bontrager TLR Tubeless Rim Strip
Designed to integrate with Bontrager TLR compatible wheelsets, the TLR rim strip is a thick plastic strip that locks in tightly into the tyres rim bed, replacing the standard rim tape by both covering the spoke holes and sealing up the rim airtight. Once you've installed the rim strip and the Tubeless valve, you can use a tubeless tyre on your Bontrager rim - easy!
For 2014, TLR is now available on Bontrager road wheelsets too, bringing the lighter weight, smoother rolling, and improved puncture resistance to the world of road bicycles. If you own a Trek Domane or Madone, there's a good chance the stock wheelset is TLR compatible, meaning all you need to do is fit a TLR strip and valve, and the rims are good to go with a tubeless tyre.

The real beauty about the TLR system is that you have the choice of running standard tyres, UST tyres, or Tubeless Ready tyres depending on your needs. In fact, you can simply use standard tyres and tubes if you prefer. But once you experience the benefits of a tubeless setup, we doubt you'll go back to tubes! With a liquid latex sealant inside the tyres, small punctures are quickly sealed up as the sealant glues the tyre back together, with only 1-3 psi of air loss in most cases. This 'self-healing' nature of a tubeless setup with latex sealant is the biggest benefit for making the change from conventional tyres and tubes. If you need to replace a spoke all you need to do is remove the TLR rimstrip and carry out the repair as you would with a normal wheel - no funky spoke nipples, no proprietary tools - just a simple design that works. The same goes if you get a nasty hole in the tyre casing; just remove the tubeless valve and fit in a regular tube. While we would always recommend using some sort of sealant inside a tubeless tyre (Stans No Tubes or Bontrager SuperJuice), it is a requirement when using a non-UST tyre, in order to create an airtight seal. 
TLR Tubeless System
Rather than having to rely on aftermarket conversion kits or be forced to go down the UST route, Bontrager decided to come up with their own tubeless system called TLR (TubeLess Ready). The premise of the TLR system is quite simple as all you require is a TLR compatible rim, the corresponding TLR rim strip, a tubeless valve and a tyre that is ready to be set up tubeless.  

Components of the Tubeless Ready System;
1. TLR Compatible Rim
2. TLR Rimstrip
3. Tubeless Valve
4. Tubeless compatible tyre (UST or Tubeless Ready)
5. Latex Sealant (such as Stans No Tubes)
Parts of a tubeless ready tire

The Bontrager TLR Tubeless Rim Strip features:
  • Designed specifically for the Bontrager TLR System
  • Diameter: 26", 27.5", 29" and 700c
  • Compatible with Bontrager TLR road or mountain bike wheels (Bontrager Race, Race Lite, RXL, Rhythm Pro, Rhythm Elite etc)
  • Combine with a UST or TLR tyre for a true tubeless setup
  • Valve not included

With the Bontrager TLR Tubeless Ready System available on many Trek road and mountain bikes, why wouldn't you take advantage of the benefits?
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