Zoombinis Logical Journey
This unique software offers an engaging environment for kids aged 8+ to develop advanced mathematical and scientific problems solving skills. NOT Windows 10 compatible.
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Zoombini’s Logical Journey

This unique software offers an engaging environment for kids to develop advanced mathematical and scientific problems solving skills.

 As the player's skills improve, each puzzle becomes more difficult to solve. Four levels of difficulty for all 12 puzzles ensure the ongoing development of critical thinking skills for years to come.

Special Features Include: Practice Mode; Helpful Puzzle Clues

Skills Developed: Observation Skills; Data Sorting and Ordering; Pattern Finding; Theory Testing; Graphing; Logical Reasoning; Problem Solving; Statistical Thinking; Algebraic Thinking

Your Mission: Free the Zoombinis! Guide bands of Zoombinis through 48 perilous puzzles that never play out the same way twice.

Your Reward: After solving a series of increasingly challenging puzzles, you will have ensured the safe arrival of the Zoombinis in Zoombiniville. The more Zoombinis you lead to freedom, the larger Zoombiniville will grow.

Start your journey by solving puzzles that demonstrate observation, sorting and theory testing skills. Meet Arno, one hungry, but fussy, Pizza-Eating Tree Troll. Discover which combination of pizza toppings satisfy his testy taste buds by finding patterns, matching data and testing theories. Sort different features to discover which ones don't make the Allergic Cliffs sneeze.

Find your way out of The Deep Dark Forest by performing two- and three-dimensional mapping, matching and grouping. To find a seat on the ferry, sort and order Zoombinis so they share something in common with their neighbours. Using the Zoombinis features as coordinates X and Y, place each Zoombini in the proper room at the hotel.

Advance through treacherous waters by testing your ability to order and group data and analyse patterns. To cross the marsh, hitch a ride on the backs of toads by finding the right pattern of colours and shapes on flowers and lily pads Lure the Fleens off the beehive branch by identifying patterns, matches and more.

Ensure the Zoombinis' safe arrival in Zoombiniville by cleverly analysing, organising and sequencing data. Send the Zoombinis in the right directions by uncovering intriguing mathematical rules. Balance the 'equation' by transforming the features of the Zoombinis on the left and right to make them identical.

Zoombinis Logical Journey System Requirements:

Windows  95/98/Me/2000/XP/works on Windows 7 and Windows 8 but NOT Windows 10!

 Pentium 166 MHz or faster

•32 MB of memory (RAM)

•Hard disk with 40 MB of free disk space*

•8x or faster CD-ROM drive

•16-bit colour monitor capable of 640 x 480 resolution

•Windows-compatible sound card

•Windows-compatible mouse


Browser, such as Netscape® Navigator 4.0 or

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher

28.8 Kbps or faster modem

Macintosh  System 8.6 to OS X 10.4 Tiger in Classic Mode only (not Leopard+)

 Power PC 180 MHz or faster

•32 MB of memory (RAM)

•Hard disk with 40 MB free disk space*

•8x or faster CD-ROM drive

•Thousands colour display, 13” or larger

•640 x 480 resolution monitor



•Browser, such as Netscape® Navigator®

4.0 or Microsoft® Internet Explorer 4.0 +

28.8 Kbps or faster modem



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Questions (4)
Hi AKS is it possible to purchase Zoombinis Logical Journey as a school site licence? We already have an old copy that was for up to 20 computers at a time not sure if that would help. Regards Matt IT Support Redland Bay State School

Hi Matt, unfortunately Zoombinis has been obsolete for a few years now. The single user versions we have also don't work on Windows 10 64-bit. Sorry I don't have better news :(

Would Zoombini's A Logical Journey work on a MacBook Air 10.7.5 OSX Lion?

Sorry Rachel, we don't have any kids software that works on Lion, it is not backwards compatible at all.

Can we get a copy of the game Logical Journey of the Zoombinis for window 7. We have been looking for tsome time. Thank You Sandy Abell

Hi Sandy, there is only the XP version, it was never updated. It works on all versions of Windows, including Windows 7 64-bit. If you have 32-bit it needs to be installed manually. Contact our tech-support@aussiekidssoftware.com.au for instructions if you have the XP version

will this software work on vista business 32 bit? Cheers Tina

Hi Tina, we do have instructions to get it to work on Vista using the Program Compatibility Wizard, but we had some problems & thought it was safest to take it off the system requirements. If you have a dedicated 3D graphics card it will very probably be fine, but some of the on board graphics cards have had issues we couldn't resolve. You can email us to find out if you have one, there is a very quick & simple report you can do that will tell us. Email tech-support@aussiekidssoftware.com.au & ask for the DirectX Diagnostic Tool instructions.

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