DK My First cd-rom Toddler (32-bit only)
The perfect introduction to computers for your toddler! For XP, Vista, or Windows 7 32-bit only. Will not work on 64-bit PC's.
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DK My First cd-rom Toddler - 32 bit only


Windows XP/ Vista 32-bit* only/Windows 7 32-bit* only

NOT 64-bit compatible! NOT Windows 8 compatible!

* to check whether your PC is 32 or 64-bit, right-click on Computer, go to Properties & look next to System Type

 Toddlers can choose from 6 activities that introduce basic critical thinking skills to young learners. Your host is Zack, the friendly jack-in-the-box, who presents the activities and encourages kids to participate. Computer skills are presented as users perform basic mouse manipulation and clicking. There is no end goal in this program, so toddlers' participation in any given activity can include any number of trials.


My 1st cd-rom Toddler acquaints users with very early learning skills while entertaining them with the sort of activities that kids in this age range adore. Some of the drills provide simple likable graphics accompanied by rhyme or song, while others include a simple drill to strengthen developing critical thinking and computer skills.

Although kids in this age range will undoubtedly be experiencing this program with an older partner, clear explanations and simple instruction are offered for each activity.


Toddlers identify animal sounds, match pairs, sing-a-long with a dancing dog, match shapes and learn new vocabulary. Simple pointing and clicking is also drilled and rewarded.


An included parents section provides insight into the learning experiences taking place in each activity, and encourages parents to enjoy the program with their children. Additional, away-from-the-computer worksheets are also available in this section.


Unlike many currently popular titles that feature fast-paced animation and detailed graphics, this title is slow and methodical in its presentation. Graphics and animation are attractive, but simple, as are the included characters.   My First CD-ROM, Toddler  is extremely easy to use and offers excellent explanations and demonstrations for each activity.


DK children's educational computer games are fun,

but high in educational content!



DK My First cd-rom Toddler System Requirements:


Windows 95/98/ME/XP/works on Vista & Windows 7 32-bit only - NOT 64-bit compatible, Pentium 75 MHz or faster cpu, 10 MB hard drive space, 12 MB RAM for Windows 95, 16 MB RAM for Windows 98, 640x480 pixels, 256 colour display, Quad-speed (4X) or faster CD-ROM, 8-bit sound card.


 PACKAGING: Jewel case



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Can you tell me what a jewel case is please thank you Marea Davidson

It's a plastic case such as those you buy music cd's in Marea :)

what is an administrator account to use XP

All Windows computers have the option of creating multiple user accounts. Normally the main user account is an administrator account, and any subsequent ones (such as those created for kids) are not, so they can't alter important Windows settings. You should be able to see whether the account you are logged in on is an administrator account via your Control Panel.

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