Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream
Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream to protect and care for your baby's nappy area
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If your baby’s skin is sore, red and sensitive, Calendula Nappy Care containing zinc oxide can bring relief and nourishment to the sore skin. Calendula Nappy Care adds a protective and water-resistant layer to the skin, to protect against the stinging moisture. If your child is teething, this may also contribute to soreness in the nappy area.  

How it works: The ingredients of lanolin, beeswax and especially zinc in Calendula Nappy Care form a natural protective layer between your baby's delicate skin and the stinging moisture in the nappy. Once the Nappy Care is applied, calendula and chamomile extracts can start to soothe the area. Calendula has a healing effect and chamomile reduces inflammation and calms the skin. The results will be plain to see the very next time you change your baby’s nappy!  

Directions for use: When you change your baby’s nappy, you can clean your baby’s bottom with a damp towel or tissue with some Calendula Bodymilk on it. Afterwards, apply a large quantity of Calendula Nappy Care and rub it in, so that you really create a protective layer between the sore bottom and the moisture. If your child has a very red and sore rash, it may be best to use Calendula Nappy Care each time you change the nappy. Once the skin has calmed down, you can switch over to using Calendula Body Cream for the daily care of your baby’s bottom.  

Especially for: your baby if she has a red, sore and sensitive bottom, or if she has a rash due to teething.

Tip: It is sometimes difficult to dry the folds in your new born baby’s skin after bathing. This may result in sore patches. Calendula Nappy Care has a soothing and cleansing effect on these areas.


    * Calendula extract cleanses and heals the baby skin;
    * Chamomile extract softens and soothes the irritated skin;
    * Zinc oxide protects the sensitive skin against stinging moisture (acid stools).
    * Almond oil nourishes and protects the skin;
    * Sesame oil (organic) nourishes and protects the skin;
    * Beeswax protects the delicate baby skin without clogging the pores, giving the products its consistency, and has emulsifying properties (combining the oil and water components in the products);
    * Lanolin gives the sensitive skin intensive protection;
    * Hectorite has cleansing and degreasing properties, and gives the product its consistency;
    * Water is used for thinning purposes;
    * Fatty acid glyceride, made of plant-based oils such as rapeseed oil, coconut oil and palm oil and vegetable glycerin acts as an emulsifier (combining the oil and water components in the product).

Combination of natural essential oils, including essential oil of lavender, sage and ylang-ylang, acts as a fragrance and has a preserving effect.

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Title : this is an amazing product, it healed my sons skin so quickly and we never looked for anything else
Review : this is an amazing product, it healed my sons skin so quickly and we never looked for anything else nothing the BEST nappy cream money can buy Online Shopper

Questions (1)
If we were to buy 5 of Weleda Nappy Change cream what price could you apply? I wish I'd remember to buy it on your EOFY sale... thanks Adad

Hi Adad, there is a 7.5% discount for purchases of 3 or more Weleda Nappy Change Cream which makes it $16.19 per tube.

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