Bones Hardcore Bushings Soft
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Soft HardCore Bushings provide very easy turning, quick, smooth response and good centering. We recommend them for skaters who like their trucks loose, but not floppy, longboarders, and little skaters for whom a soft HardCore will feel like a medium or firm bushing.

One box needed per truck.


I replaced my stock Phantom 2 bushings with the soft Bones ones and wow what a difference. They respond almost telepathically, but it's the rebound that does it for me. They're an instant truck upgrade. Stable, yet very responsive. Well worth the money.

—Giovanni Dennis, New York, Ny Usa

these are the best, and I've tried everything. even the Khiros and the Jimmyz aren't as good.

—Cam, Whistler, B.C. Canada

These are the bomb! I just put them in yesterday and was psyched. Get a pair!

—Matt, Missoula, Mt Usa

I can definately feel the difference between these and other bushings such as doh-doh's. They feel harder and stable when you are centered on your board and turn very smoothly when you lean to one side. I can actually feel the hardcore when skating these. I like my board to only turn a small bit so I should have gotten hard instead of medium but thats ok, ill keep these in my skateboarding first aid kit! BUY THESE NOW.

—Dave, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania Usa
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