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Times Tables, Calculation & Number Fact drills for ages 5 to 15 - Kindergarten to Year 9

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Ultimate Maths Invaders download version

Download size: 150MB

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Speed and accuracy for times tables and beyond. 

The fast-paced space invaders game that drills number facts and tables from young to old! Get them...before they get you!

Questions on Tables, Number Facts, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Squares and Square Roots, Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Powers and Directed Numbers.

Players develop automatic recall of essential maths facts by quickly and accurately repelling waves of descending questions! 

Ultimate Maths Invaders topics covered include:

  • Lower Primary Activities: Counting and Numeration, Addition, Subtraction.

  • Middle Primary Activities: Numeration (place Value), Addition, Subtraction, Tables (Multiplication Facts), Multiplication Extension, Division, Fractions, Squares, Square Roots, Decimals.

  • Upper Primary/Lower Secondary Activities: Numeration, Addition, Subtraction, Tables, Multiplication & Division, Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Powers, Squares & Square Roots, Directed Numbers.

    Ultimate Maths Invaders features: 
    • All content linked to the Australian curricula

    • Fun and varied practice of tables, number facts and calculations, designed by teachers

    • Maths learning sequence builds learners' knowledge from early number skills right through to advanced secondary school concepts

    • Extensive player level options – suits all players, from those with special needs to the arcade addict

    • Individual Record Keeping and Performance Tracking – wrong answers are recorded so teachers and parents can focus on areas for improvement

    • Exciting gameplay – quirky Invader behaviour, greater player control over the ship, increasing speed and different environment with each new wave level

    • Pushes player to personal skills & maths limit

    • Cool 3D style graphics

    • Multiple Invader types plus increasing incentive and skill challenge

    • Custom contents for remediation

    • Caters for groups of users (School & Network versions)  


      Curriculum references and National benchmarks:

The Maths content in Ultimate Maths Invaders is curriculum-rich and referenced to the Curricula of all Australian States and Territories. Parents and teachers can easily assess whether students have met specific curriculum outcomes. 


Ultimate Maths Invaders System Requirements:

Windows XP or higher, with 233MHz processor or faster, 800 x 600 capable screen

Mac OS X 10.4 or higher , 300MHz processor or faster, 800 x 600 capable screen


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