Braintastic Reading Success Four ages 7-9 Single User disc
Australian software that employs Pre-Reading and Phonemic Awareness activities that introduce basic phonemes & graphemes in order to teach your child to listen to sounds & attune to text
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 BRAINtastic Reading Success series uses an integrated phonemic and text-based approach to reading that uniquely combines sight and integrated speech for maximum learning potential!
Builds essential reading skills with over 2800 carefully targeted activities across 6 CDs for children aged 4 to 15

  • An integrated phonemic and text-based approach to reading
  • Integrated Speech! Does what a book cannot do and goes beyond phonics! 
  • Over 4,000 sound files for phonemes, vocabulary, instructions, answers and more!
  • Supplements existing reading programmes 
  • Helps children to learn to read the same way they learn to speak 
  • Based on the latest evidential research

Which Braintastic Reading Success CD do I choose?

Help your child to be the very best reader they can:

Beginning Reader! Start with CDs ONE and TWO and then progress to THREE and FOUR. Start your child on their reading journey and let them progress through carefully structured step-by-step activities.

Emerging Reader! Start at CD ONE or TWO and work through the CDs to their level. Fill in any skill gaps and then develop and broaden their reading skills.

Struggling Reader! Start at CD ONE and work through the activities in order. Struggling readers often have specific learning gaps and it is vital that these are addressed before progressing to CDs TWO, THREE and FOUR.

Power Reader! Choose a CD above their age. For older children CDs FIVE and SIX will enrich their reading lives! Let them make the most of their reading talent by challenging and stimulating them with a diverse range of reading material.


  The cd’s in further detail

CD1 Ages: 4 - 6 years and upward
Employs Pre-Reading and Phonemic Awareness activities that introduce basic phonemes and graphemes in order to teach your child to listen to sounds and attune to text.

CD2 Ages: 5 - 7 years and upward
Introduces more advanced graphemes, expands reading vocabulary and develops reading skills in real-world, text-based activities.

CD3 Ages: 6 - 8 years and upward
Introduces phonemes with multiple graphemes, develops grapheme-phoneme correspondences, extends vocabulary, and continues text-based activities.

CD4: Ages 7-9 and upward

All 44 Phonemes are now in use, with most grapheme-phoneme correspondences established.  Continues to present the comprehensive “Experiencing Text” activities.

CD5 Ages: 8 - 10 years and upward
Contains a full range of “Experiencing Text” activities that develop readers’ abilities by extending vocabulary, building comprehension skills and much more!

CD6 Ages 10-15 and upward

 Includes a comprehensive range of activities that build reading mastery. Readers are extended and challenged with a wide range of text types including poetry.


Braintastic Reading Success does what a book cannot do and goes beyond phonics!

·         Uses a version of BRAINtastic! that enables the use of Integrated Speech. It's like having a teacher sit and read to each child!

·         Instructions are clearly spoken and can be replayed if required

·         Children can hear what a word or letter sounds like

·         Sound reinforcement is even built into corrections!

·         CDs FIVE and SIX do not have sound reinforcement as children at this stage are moving from verbalisation “hearing” to “thinking” what the words are saying

BRAINtastic! Reading Success - A live in tutor!

The thousands of questions in the BRAINtastic! Reading Success series have been purpose-built and carefully sequenced by highly competent teachers to give every child the very best. Many thousands of hours have been spent preparing the content behind BRAINtastic! Reading Success. The questions are enjoyable and intrinsically motivating, incorporating humour, quirky pictures and fun challenges/characters.


 Braintastic Reading Success V2 System Requirements

Windows XP SP2, Vista, Windows 7,8,10; Pentium IV 600MHz Processor or faster, cd-rom drive

OS X (PowerPC or Intel Mac) 10.4.11 to 10.6, cd-rom drive


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