Math Blaster Cross Terrain Challenge
Ages 9 to 12 use critical thinking skills & sharpen decision making skills as they master each mission.
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 Math Blaster Cross Terrain Challenge

Join G.C. and Max Blaster in a quest for hero stardom!

Five extreme obstacle courses test both mind and body in a race against time.  Use critical thinking skills to make your way through pillars of rock, bamboo grids and the twisted turns of a scorpion's hangout.

It's a virtual test of wit and survival! 

This Math Blaster challenge for kids 9-12 includes five extreme obstacle courses to test both mind and body in a race against time.

Kids use critical thinking skills and sharpen decision making skills as they master each mission.

Kids begin on Mission 1 where they must earn 11,000 points to win. There are 3D grids that require speedy critical thinking. Players fit together pipe pieces and solve riddles using problem solving skills. 

Kids use geometric shapes to manoeuvre a giant hamster ball or jump around a 3D grid using directional clues.

As players complete activities they earn extreme moves to use at the hover board obstacle course. Kids strengthen hand eye coordination in this arcade style activity with ramps, mud pits, rattle snakes and much more.

Players rack up points as they play activities. Missions increase in difficulty as kids progress and the competition becomes fierce. Each mission has new mind bending games to conquer and the clock is always ticking.

This may not be a traditional maths program, but logical thinking and problem solving is critical in upper maths courses.

This is fast-paced arcade style critical thinking fun that kids will play just for the fun of it. 

Math Blaster Cross Terrain Challenge features: 

* Cause-and-effect become clear when the effect of a mistake can cost you one of your "lives." 
* Sharpen strategic decision-making skills as you exchange points for more time and more "lives." 
* Think ahead! The click keeps ticking to keep you on your toes. 
* The competition and the difficulty level build as you master each mission. 
* Advance to the next mission and unlock new mind-bending games.


Math Blaster Cross Terrain Challenge System Requirements:

Windows 95/98/ME/XP/works on Windows 7; Pentium 200 MHz+, 32 MB RAM, 12X CD-ROM, High Colour, sound card. 
Mac 8.1,8.6,9.1 & OS X in Classic Mode only (not Leopard+); Power Macintosh G3+ or better, 64 MB RAM free, 12X CD-ROM, Thousands of colors

PACKAGING: Cd-rom in sleeve

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