Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic disc
Ages 5 to 15 master the world of numbers (Australian curriculum) in a lava-loaded adventure!
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 Volcanic Panic v2 on cd-rom 

Dive into the world of numbers! Develop mathematical thinking strategies and build a firm maths future! Fun and maths go hand-in-hand in this curriculum-rich, single or multi-player board game adventure that draws children into thinking mathematically with confidence and competence. 

Exciting adventure game scenario: Your plane has crash-landed on a volcanic island that's going to blow at any moment! Race the other players around the island game board to gather the most fuel canisters so you can be the one to escape in the jet pod when the island blows. 

Superbly designed 3D graphics, constant positive feedback, second chances, and exciting game play motivate students to progress through a comprehensive range of over 7,500 stimulating maths problems covering 7 maths content areas in 26 levels for ages 5 to 15+. 

The impressive multi-player option means the whole family can play at the same time, each at their own maths level! Every player will find a level and style of maths questions to challenge and stimulate them. 

Volcanic Panic features

Single or Multi-player: Up to 4 people of any age and stage can play against each other in the same game, or an individual student can play against the computer (and no, the computer doesn’t always get the answers right!)

Multi-level: Beginners can challenge advanced students - each player competes at their own level. Elements of chance and strategy mean any player can win, not just the best maths student.

7500+ questions in 26 levels from age 4 to age 15+

All content linked to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Principles & Standards

Covers numbers & the number system, addition & subtraction, multiplication & division, fractions, decimals, percent and ratio

Complements the content of Numbers Up!2 Baggin’ The Dragon – Together the two programs cover over 90% of elementary and middle school maths syllabus outcomes

Variety: Contains a huge variety of interactive questions for all learning styles. Question types include word problems, algorithms, number quizzes, multiple choice questions and maths patterns.

More than number-crunching – Students practice problem-solving strategies as well as basic maths skills

Flexible content selection: Select individual content in any game for any student. Select 1200 questions about all aspects of maths – or select 40 questions about subtraction and division.

Flexible game-play options: Players can choose from 5 game board layouts – the paths around the fiery mountain range from simple to extra-interesting! Fix the game play time for a set number of turns or a set time. It's your call! 

Additional Features

Powerful admin options: Suits both maths group work and individual students. Networkable administration and record-keeping manages and tracks results for up to 2048 users in 512 groups

5 Quick Quiz squares test basic number facts within the game

Questions Only option allows students to revise the maths content outside the game

Game saving allows players to return to a game and take up where they left off

Special game features such as Chance squares, gadgets purchased from the Gadget Shop, and Go To Jail squares give surprising twists and turns to the end result

Take off in the jet pod! Dodge the flying rocks and lava as you take off in the cool end movie featured after every completed game session 

What's New in Volcanic Panic V2?

Volcanic Panic V2 takes learning to a whole new level with heaps of fantastic improvements for teachers, parents, and kids as well as a great new look and feel. Volcanic Panic V2 future proofs your existing investment by maximising forward compatibility with new and upcoming Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

The new, kid-friendly mode gives younger Volcanic Panic users more independence or switch to the advanced mode for more detailed content selection options.

Future Proof Your Volcanic Panic Investment 

Future Proof with Volcanic Panic V2 on Windows Systems!
Volcanic Panic V2 conforms to Microsoft Application Standards to give maximum compatibility with Windows operating systems and servers, including Windows XP, Vista, the new Windows 7, and Windows Servers 2003 and 2008.

Future Proof with Volcanic Panic V2 on Macintosh Systems!
We understand that Apple may no longer support older applications in upcoming releases of Macintosh systems*. Volcanic Panic V2 is now Universal Binary to ensure maximum forward compatibility with all Macintosh systems, including Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6). Future-proof your investment today by taking advantage of this opportunity to upgrade to Volcanic Panic V2. 

* PowerPC software is emulated through Rosetta. Rosetta emulation is slower and more error-prone when compared to Universal Binary, and is provided by Apple to support older, non-standard software. 

Simultaneously Manage Student Details in Multiple EdAlive Titles Using IULs!

Several EdAlive products use IULs or Integrated User Lists. IULs are lists of users and classes that are shared across several Version 2 EdAlive products, including BRAINtastic! V2, Volcanic Panic V2, Words Rock V2 and the upcoming Volcanic Panic V2*. 

Kids and classes** created in any one of the above titles will automatically be available in all the others. This streamlined data integration drastically reduces administration time! 

* Ultimate Maths Invaders V2, Spelling Force V2 and Typing Tournament V2 once released, will still require their own individual students lists. 

** Classes are only available in the School Standalone and Network versions of Volcanic Panic V2. 

New look and feel makes Volcanic Panic V2 even more compelling! 

•Great new feel with the animated interface.

•Kids can customise Volcanic Panic V2 using the library of cool player icons!

•New kid-friendly mode enhances self-directed learning and reduces administrative load on teachers.

•Get started straight out of the box or use the advanced selection options to tailor Volcanic Panic V2 to your children's needs.

•New snap-to functionality allows younger children to interact more confidently with drag-and-drop questions, whilst older children can complete them more quickly.

•Motivates kids with the new progress bar by giving a visual snapshot of their achievements, and letting them know when it's time to try more difficult content. 

Great New Features for Parents, Teachers and Network Administrators

•Enhanced navigation and easier access to user options

•Cut down on lesson preparation by saving and reusing your custom content selections.

•Locate questions easily by using the new Find Mode.

•Easily assess and compare performance for individual users and entire classes using the enhanced reporting features.

•Save time by automatically generating and printing individual user and class progress PDFs*, or export user statistics to programs like Excel to generate your own reports.

•Enhanced, fine-tuned educational content.

•Installation on standalone computers is now simpler than ever!

•Save time by simultaneously installing or upgrading Volcanic Panic V2 on multiple networked computers. Use the MSI installers with Group Policy for Windows, or the Package installers with Apple Remote Desktop for Macintosh.

* Class statistics are only available in the School Standalone and Network versions.

System Requirements for Volcanic Panic V2 


Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later,  Pentium IV 600MHz Processor or faster, cd-rom drive


OS X (PowerPC or Intel Mac) 10.4.11/10.5.6 and 10.6.x "Snow Leopard" only, cd-rom drive


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