Almond Oil
Pressed from raw almonds, this top quality oil makes an excellent emollient. With a gentle nutty odor, almond oil is a pleasant, fragrant alternative to olive oil. Natural vitamin A and E makes this oil ideal for healing dry, chapped skin.

Apricot Kernel Oil
Derived from the fruit of the Apricot tree, Apricot Kernel Oil is rich in essential fatty acids, and vitamin A, C and E. Due to its incredible non-oily, softening and moisturizing abilities it is widely used in baby products and for aged, dry, sensitive and irritated skin. Benefits also include calming irritation caused by eczema and dermatitis.

Avocado Oil
Pressed from the skins of the avocado fruit, this restorative oil contains vitamins A, D and E, amino acids, lecithin, potassium, proteins, and beta-carotene. It easily absorbs into the skin and helps to heal skin disorders such as eczema, age spots, scars, and burns. Avocado oil is an excellent emollient that offers superior regenerative, softening and moisturizing capabilities.

Baking Soda
Also known as sodium bicarbonate, this white powder neutralizes odors naturally without absorbing them. Commonly used in bath salts and deodorant body powders, also used for cooking and natural cleansing.

A natural wax produced in the hives of honey bees. Beeswax is traditionally used in creams and cosmetics as a natural emulsifier and for its soft texture.

Cetearyl Alcohol
A mixture of fatty acids, and considered a fatty alcohol. It is used as an emollient, emulsifier and foam surfactant.

Cetyl Alcohol
A fatty alcohol derived from coconut that can be used as an emollient to make skin smooth and silky. It is also used in shampoos and cosmetics as a thickening agent and emulsifier.

Citric Acid
This weak, organic acid is commonly found in citrus fruits and used as a natural preservative. Acts like an antioxidant and adds a citric, sour flavor to foods.

Cocoa Butter
Natural vegetable fat extracted from the cocoa bean, with only a faint chocolate flavor and scent. It contains antioxidants that help preserve its shelf life, and is a natural emollient. It is renowned for its moisturizing capabilities for preventing and treating stretch marks, dry, chapped skin and enhancing the elasticity of the skin.

Coconut Oil
Extracted from dried coconuts, coconut oil effectively softens and moisturizes the skin. It contains essential antioxidants and easily penetrates the skin, making this moisturizer excellent for treating dry, wrinkled, coarse skin.

Dead Sea Salt 
Similar to Dead Sea mud, Dead Sea salt contains salts, natural oils and essential minerals that penetrate the skin to retain moisture and prevent dryness. When absorbed by the skin, Dead Sea salt brings back the skins natural tone, for refreshed, hydrated skin.

Distilled Water
Water that has been processed to remove all of its impurities though distillation.

Emulsifying Wax
This emulsifier has the ability to mix oils and water. It is commonly added to lotions to create a stable base and extra conditioning for the skin.

Epsom Salt
Salt that contains magnesium sulfate which is absorbed by the skin. Good for its softening and purifying abilities.

Grapeseed Oil
Extracted from grape seeds, this oil is commonly used for its regenerative abilities, allowing the skin to retain added moisture. It is known for its effective restoration under the eyes, reparative action on stretch marks and as a full body moisturizer.

Jojoba Oil
A liquid plant wax from the beans of the Jojoba plant, Jojoba oil is renowned for its moisturizing properties. The oil contains essential fatty acids and is similar to actual oils of the skin, providing excellent moisture and elasticity. It provides soft, shiny hair, prevents stretch marks, scars and inflammation and adds prolonged storage life to products, without added preservatives.

Kaolin Clay
White Cosmetic Clay is commonly used in soaps and facial masks due to its ability to rid the skin of impurities, while retaining skins natural oils. Kaolin Clay contains essential minerals and effectively stimulates, exfoliates, and cleanses all skin types, leaving skin clear, soft, and toned.

Mango Butter
A solid oil from the kernels of the mango tree. A rich butter with emollient and sunscreen properties that helps prevent wrinkles, dry skin, and promotes skin cell formation and elasticity.

Made from processed oats, oatmeal is well known for its healing and skin-softening abilities. Oatmeal is a natural product that is commonly used in skin and bath products due to its ability to soothe and soften dry, chapped, itchy skin and skin disorders.

Olive Oil
Extracted from the olive, olive oil contains essential fatty acids and antioxidants that hold great internal and external benefits. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is known to have the most moisturizing and soothing capabilities. Olive oil fights the signs of aging and leaves the skin with a soft, youthful appearance.

Palm Kernel Oil
A tropical oil extracted from the nut or kernel of the fruit from the olive palm tree. Good for dry, chapped skin.

Palm Oil
Derived from the fruit of the olive palm tree, Palm Oil is an edible vegetable oil and contains a high amount of beta-carotene.

Peppermint Essential Oil
This oil has a cool, minty fresh scent, with multiple health and skin benefits. It helps clear and stimulate the mind, get rid of migraines, muscle aches, exhaustion, nausea, and congestion. Peppermint essential oil helps to ease sinus pressure and alleviate irritated, itchy skin.

Polysorbate 60
An emulsifier derived from palm oil used in cosmetics to stabilize oil and water. Commonly used in hair products.

Shea Butter
Extracted from the nuts of the Shea-Karite tree, Shea butter contains vitamin A, E and F, and fatty acids that provide healing abilities superior to that of cocoa butter. This natural product has proven moisturizing, cell-regenerative, and anti-aging properties that restore beauty and shine to the skin and hair. Effective in preventing stretch marks, wrinkles, inflammation, burns, dryness, eczema, sunburns, cuts, itch, and razor irritations. It easily absorbs into the skin without clogging pores.

Sodium Lactate 
A natural humectant, moisturizer and pH regulator. Produced from renewable resources and completely biodegradable. Ours is derived from corn and fermented by sugar. Studies have shown sodium lactate to be a better short term and long term moisturizer than glycerin, our long loved friend.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate
Is an organic salt derived from coconut and palm oils. It is a safe, skin friendly cleanser that offers rich lather without the irritation potential of some of the other good foamers. 

Soybean Oil
Also called a 'vegetable oil,' soybean oil is a vitamin-rich emollient that easily absorbs into the skin containing natural antioxidants, moisturizing, and healing properties.

Stearic Acid
A saturated fatty acid derived from unsaturated vegetable oils. Has a solid wax consistency and is commonly used in candles, soaps and cosmetics.

Vegetable Glycerin
An odorless liquid derived from vegetable oil and used as an added agent. This thick-like syrup is a natural emollient that retains moisture, for soft, smooth skin.

Vitamin E
The ester of acetic acid, it is also called vitamin E acetate. It has strong antioxidant ability and is commonly used for skin disorders. It easily penetrates the skin, and is a natural sunscreen and moisturizer.

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