Litter Bins- Clean is Best

Litter Bins
Clean Is Best   
Public Park or Street Space areas such as building foyers, parks and gardens, street scapes, shopping centres etc all benefit from the proper management of garbage collection. Litter Bins are an essential tool in the control of Litter and the management of Litter in Public Park or Street Space.
It has been proven that Public Park or Street Spaces that are kept clean are more likely to remain clean longer with less maintenance because users that see a clean area are less likely to indiscriminately deposit trash. People are also more likely to want the area to remain clean as they realise that cleanliness makes the area more attractive, safe and user freindly. Clean Public Park or Street Spaces that use Litter Bins also promote a sense of community ownership that encourages users to help maintain the cleanliness of an area.
Some of the reasons people give for littering include such things as:
  • Laziness, carelessness, indifference (35% gave this as a reason in the Williams et al (1997) study)
  • Habit and forgetfulness (14% gave this as a reason in the Williams et al (1997) study)
  • Inconvenience of holding onto waste (14% gave this as a reason in the Williams et al (1997) study)
  • Deciding that littering is not an important or serious issue
  • Copying other users behaviour
  • Not aware that they are Littering
  • Not caring that they do Litter
  • A lack of sense of ownership
It is important to consider that the behaviour of Public Park or Street Space users is influenced by their surroundings. When planning infrastructure requirements for Public Park or Street Space remember that maintaining the cleanliness of the area will help to make the area a community asset not a liability. 
Some reasons for using Litter Bins and keeping Public Park or Street Spaces Clean:
  • Clean Public Spaces promote cleanliness
  • Clean Public Spaces are more freindly, safer and attractive
  • Littering is harmful to the environment
  • Clean Public Spaces will help increase business traffic
  • Clean Public Spaces encourage community pride 
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