Indoor and Outdoor Ashtrays Information

Ashtrays Information
Ashtrays help to keep your Business clean

Scattered rubbish and Butts left around buildings encourages further Litter dumping which in turn will have a negative impact on your business image.
DOSmith Indoor and Outdoor Litter Bins and Ashtrays will lift the image of your business by keeping Litter and cigarette Butts off the ground. The building and its surrounding areas will also be a healthier and safer environment to visit and work in.

Why keep building areas clean?  
• People will help to keep clean areas clean by using Indoor and Outdoor Ashtrays and Litter Bins if they are provided
• People consider cleaned areas are cared for and in turn should be kept clean, Indoor and Outdoor Ashtrays and Litter Bins assist in this objective 
• Discarded Litter will be much more obvious in a clean environment

Why do Smokers Litter?
Many Smokers do not realise the envrionmental damage littering cigarette Butts causes. Most do not consider tossing Butts to be littering.  Indoor and Outdoor Ashtrays and Litter Bins are necessary for smokers.  

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