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Cigarette Butts and the environment
Cigarette butts are damaging to the environment and unattractive when tossed carelessly away by smoker dirtying Public Street and Park areas. Ashtray use helps prevent butts being disposed of thoughtlessly, cigarette butts can be carried by wind and rain and end up travelling through stormwater systems to end up in our water ways. There they can harm marine and animal life.
Ashtrays can reduce unsightly litter and encourage smokers to help keep the environment clean.

Help the environment by: 

• Providing a cigarette Butt Ashtray 
• Not sweeping Butts into Street gutters and drains
• Reguarly cleaning Smokers areas and Ashtrays 

The Impact of Cigarette Butts on the environment  

• In Australia approx 7 billion cigarettes are littered each year this is nearly 30% of all cigarettes sold 
• 60% of Australian smokers litter their butts
• Clean Up Australia report that Cigarette Butts are one of the top ten litter items to be picked up from Streets and Parks 
• The majority of litter found on beaches comes from the storm water system, most of the water from the stormwater system is runoff from suburban streets 
• Marine animals and birds have been found with cigarette Butts in their stomachs  
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